Mindthis Media

Generation Y has been misrepresented by mainstream media. Rather than cry about it, co founders William Greenwood and Shaaz Nasir decided to start Mindthis Media Inc, a global digital media company that aims to improve inter generational understanding through multiple portals.

Mindthis Magazine is their first endeavor that has been best described as The Economist meets Vogue for Generation Y. A team of 30 work together in providing unpretentious and thought provoking analysis on fashion, technology, culture, and foreign affairs. High quality articles by real young professionals who are still going through their own journey of self discovery.  Mindthis Magazine can be considered “Media 3.0″– going far beyond the traditional press and a step past the traditional “blogosphere” in harnessing multiple experts around the world in a unique take on news and analysis.

From Sweden to South Africa, the writers range from avid world travelers to young academics to professionals at the UN, HSBC, Oxford University, Deloitte and other established organizations. With tens of thousands of readers in over hundred and seventy five countries, Mindthis Magazine has established itself as the voice of Generation Y.

In the future, Mindthis Media Inc will be releasing a global lifestyle podcast and PR  Gen Y strategy firm geared towards improving inter-generational understanding.

Our  Mindthis Media Logo

The red-lined circle with the attached red-filled circle is reminiscent of a thought bubble, as well as a planet with a moon circling around it. It symbolizes the globality of thoughts and ideas shared by our readership and columnists. The grey and red colour scheme on our website symbolizes the harmony between impartiality, objectivity, and reliability of professionalism, and the passion, energy, and sex of young professionals.

The logo represents the unity of the complex experiences (the objective) in the universe and the unique perspective (the subjective) of each young professional.