3 companies Apple Should have bought instead of Beats Audio

Shaaz Nasir

If rumors hold true than Apple in on the verge of buying Dr. Dre’s Beats Audio. But according to reviews, their products and streaming service do not seem to be the best on the market. Instead, Tim cook should spend some of his $140-150 billion on the following companies to keep Apple relevant in the mobile, music, and TV industry.

1. Nintendo 


I already made this case. It’s a no brainer to ensure an unique portfolio of games and products that only an Apple phone or pad can provide.

2. Spotify 


Itunes is losing her coolness factor. Not to mention the data is showing a swing towards streaming music not downloading it. Apple should avoid wars with faster companies, just buy the competition out and enrich them and the world with a new age of music sharing.

3. Netflix 


Again, the world trend of consumption is all about streaming her content. Apple TV is simply not catching on as Steve Jobs hope it would. Tim Cook can take charge of this trend in consuming content.

Final Say

Tim won’t be the revolutionary Steve Jobs was, and that’s fine. Tim needs to become the aggregator of great services and products that revolve around providing customers a brilliant lifestyle empowered by simple technology. Apple can inject their chemistry into Nintendo, Spotify, and Netflix to usher in a new era for Apple.