4 Easy Productivity Tips for Young Professional Muslims who are Fasting

Shaaz Nasir

Let’s Start 

It’s that time of year again. It’s time to reflect, rejuvenate, and refocus. It’s Ramadan! I have some tips for all the young professionals out there who are fasting but also working.  You have a certain level of energy for the whole day and it’s vital for you to allocate your efforts effectively. Obviously this advice assumes you have a white collar job with a PC and a coffee machine near by (which you can’t use!)

1. Burst in the Morning

You probably have 3 hours until the toll of Ramadan begins, usually I try to blast through my work for the day in the first 3-4 hours. Set all your important meetings and presentations at the start of the day. Don’t forget to avoid making key decisions near the end of your work day.

2. Plan your day before it begins

Before you fall asleep after eating 5000 calories in 20 minutes, try to make a “to do list” for your “sprint” in the morning for work. Lists are a great way to focus your energy and remain results oriented.

3. Walk around

This may sound counter intuitive, but taking a step back from the cubicle and just walking around for 10 mins can help reset your mind and get the blood flowing.

4. Talk to your boss to set expectations

Don’t be dramatic about it, after all you’re choosing to fast. But it’s a good practice to have a quick meeting with your boss about your fasting. Ask if it’s ok for you to plan your important meetings at the start of the day while trying to focus on your individual tasks near the end.

Now you’re all thinking the same thing; “Shaaz this is good advice for anyone, not just those fasting!?”

Hold On!

You’re all thinking “wait this is good advice regardless of fasting”.

Exactly, Ramadan is a time to fine tune your productivity levels in the midst of limited energy. You can take these lessons and apply them when Ramadan is over. Remeber, this month is the start of your journey to self discovery.