5 Health Tips for Young Professionals

Jason Gotwalt
5 Health Tips for Young Professionals

5 Health Tips for Young Professionals

Young professionals live in a fast paced world, a world where we deserve to know the secret to fast-tracking a fit and healthy body. Well here are 5 health tips for young professionals to do just that.

The further we look back in time, the more apparent it is how easy it once was to lead a healthy lifestyle. Technology has sped up everything; from the flow of information to the quick convenience of prepared food. It gets us from A to B while barely having to move at all. The only thing that has slowed down over the past 50 years is us. We are trained and programed to expect immediate results and dismiss anything that doesn’t give us instant gratification. We have lost the art of patience and persistence.

Health Tip for Young Professionals – No Quick Fixes

In order to improve our health and change our habits, it will always require a sense of effort and time. There is no quick fix. Science and technology proposes a “quick fix” health product to the market every week, yet our health is steadily declining at an alarming rate. Why?

We all know that being active, while eating well balanced and nutrient rich foods, is the key to optimal health. In fact, there is more valuable information available to us at our fingertips than we need. So much so, that we complicate a simple truth: moving more and eating better will improve our health. But, simple is not easy anymore is it? Well lets change that right now. Before I reveal the secret health tips to a better self, please stop:

  1. Stop blaming yourself and carrying guilt with you every time you give in to chocolate, or avoid the gym. It’s not your fault. There are more distractions and other easy forms of entertainment around us than ever before. You’ve been programmed to give into temptation.
  2. Stop making excuses and envying others. Though they’re not the majority, there are still plenty of people who live a healthy and active lifestyle. You will never know their whole story, nor should you care. Their time is theirs, this time is yours. Focus on you, and understand that no matter what your circumstance is, you can change it for the better.

Health Tip for Young Professionals – Treat Yo Self

The secret health tip to improving your health is rewards. Reward yourself every day. Rewards are fun, enjoyable, and desired. Reward your efforts and the results you desire will follow. Hitting your fitness goals will always take time because you are asking yourself to change your habits. Change takes time, so you might as well enjoy the ride. Follow these three steps and you will transform your body into a desired state:

  1. Choose one simple health goal. Make this the one that you keep telling yourself: “I’ll start on that tomorrow.” One thing at a time. If you can learn to change your habits around one thing, you can easily take on the next.
  2. Commit to a simple plan.
  3. Choose a reward for your daily efforts – What is it that you do, or what would you like to do instead of sticking to your plan. Make the distractions in your life your rewards. There is no need to rid yourself of all the simple pleasure of life. Instead, use them as a tool to help you improve your health.

Treat Yo Self - Choose a reward for your daily efforts in improving your health

After about 3-4 weeks you will realize that your effort becomes your reward! Living a healthy lifestyle will become the simple and easy thing to do.