Welcome to the 21st Century Renaissance



A 21st century digital media company curating young professionals hungry for non pretentious advice and analysis on making sense of the world, starting with themselves.


Tapping into young professionals who are isolated from mainstream definition of success to create analysis and advice on the four facets of a 21st century renaissance: technology, fashion, culture, and policy. Far too many media companies chase the clicks from readers rather than inspire them to become more aware of the world around them and inside them. We’re the only young professional magazine seeking to help people better reflect on themselves by empowering them with a range of bespoke content crafted by everyday people on the same journey of self actualization. 


The youth of today has been misrepresented by mainstream media. Rather than cry about it, co founders William Greenwood and Shaaz Nasir decided to start Mindthis Media Inc.

A team of 35 work together in providing unpretentious and thought provoking analysis on fashion, technology, culture, and foreign affairs. High quality articles by real young professionals who are still going through their own journey of self discovery.  Mindthis Magazine can be considered “Media 3.0″– going far beyond the traditional press and a step past the traditional “blogosphere” in harnessing multiple experts around the world in a unique take on news and analysis.

From Sweden to South Africa, the writers range from avid world travelers to young academics to professionals to the local guy in your bar. We’re not about red or blue neither left or right. And with tens of thousands of readers in over hundred and seventy five countries, Mindthis Magazine is one of the fastest growing digital media companies in the world.

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