Keep Calm and Carry On? : UK Anarchy

Rob Davis

Anarchy in the UK

3 days of looting, rioting and mindless vandalism have broken out in major cities in the England with London being the worst hit.

Gangs and youths, some of which are as young as 12 have taken to the streets causing sleepless nights by looting shops and setting fire to buildings. The original violence broke out on Saturday evening, in Tottenham, after a peaceful protest over the fatal shooting of local father and alleged gangster Mark Duggan by police. They attacked and stole from shops after which setting them alight, some of which were underneath flats, which had people fleeing there homes and leaving residents and children with nothing. One man said “I have lost everything, all I have are the clothes I’m wearing now” police managed to calm the situation making over 100 arrests, but were notably outnumbered for a long period.

Pockets of violence continued throughout Sunday and in broad daylight of Monday a stand off between a gang of 30 teenagers, masked and hoodies, lined up against riot police. The gangs set fire to bins and used the contents as missiles to throw at the police, which sent one officer to hospital with serious injuries. The riots continued late into Monday night, with cars being torched and smashed into, and homes also being broken into. Stores such as Curry’s, PC World and Ladbrokes have been targeted for the electronics, with teens calmly walking out with thousands of pounds worth of stuff, as police struggled to keep up due to the sporadic and random locations of uprisings. Only 3000 police have been trained in riot control which is spread over the whole country and most of which are on holiday. Firefighters are unable to get blazes without being attacked by the thugs, so are having to watch buildings burn. One building which was built in 1867, survived the blitz and has been in one family for 5 generations was a mere shell this morning. A Sky News reporter who lives locally in London went into the heart of the riot in Camden and secretly filmed on his iPhone. He asked the teens why they were doing this to which the response was “it was fun.”

As the outnumbered police struggle to keep up, Scotland Yard has urged parents to find out where there children are, and help where they can and is safe to do so. Areas affected in the nations capital are: Croydon, Camden, Peckham, Ealing, clapham to name but a few copycat riots have also broken out in Birmingham, Bristol and Liverpool.

Prime Minister has cut short his vacation and flew back through the night to hold an emergency Cobra meeting, to discuss the plans.

Times like this call for drastic measures. We should take heed from other countries and be allowed to use water cannons, riot gas and rubber bullets. Police are fighting a losing battle with just a shield and laws holding them back from touching the rioters. People are losing there homes, jobs and livelihoods. We need to take the streets back.

Last report, 338 arrests and 40 prosecuted. No fatalities, one civilian seriously wounded with gunshot wound (from a rioter) and around 8 injured police.