Australia: Travel, Travel and More Travel

Alex Uziallo

I spend most of my money travelling.

I would much rather spend $20,000 on a holiday that lets me see and experience some other part of the world than on a car – I value experiences far more. So in the past three years I have spent some part of each year overseas, predominately in North America, my next trips will take me to Europe and Asia definitely but I have a love affair with North America which sees me going back again and again.

I am certainly no backpacker either, I do not stay at hostels or pick up work on the way – I do it properly and stay in nice hotels to make sure I get the best experience possible on my travels. I would like to think that over these trips that I have picked up a lot from my surroundings and have acquired enough knowledge to impart onto others so that they can an enjoyable trip overseas without jeopardizing themselves.

In my next posts I plan to tell you what I like about certain places, what I did not like and other little observations I have made on my travels. Oh and I am going to Japan. More to come!