Bastet Noir: A Brand-New Heaven for Fashionistas Who Embrace a Difference

Shaaz Nasir

Looking for a fantastic excuse to hit the online shopping sphere? We may have found the perfect excuse!

Oh really, what? A brand new online retailer for eco-fashion.
Hmmm, fine, what’s it called? Bastet Noir! Like it?

Bastet Noir Logo

I’m not sure yet, tell me more…

Bastet Noir’s ultimate goal is to give a helping hand to young, and promising, Macedonian fashion talents to showcase and sell their designs. One of the essential segments the online retailer is striving for is to develop a sustainable business model by offering hip and trendy clothes made from fairtrade, eco-friendly, and natural materials.

Oh, now I get it; Bastet Noir is like an eco-fashion site, right?

You are abso-freakin-lutely right. It’s an eco-fashion site that doesn’t promote fast fashion, but makes fabulous totems of the feminine world meant to be worn by fashionistas who respect the environment. Shaaz did an interview with Megan of UNA fashion who is ahead of the fashion game.

I’m curious what does Bastet Noir mean?

Bastet is a goddess often depicted in the Egyptian mythology as a fierce cat, or a woman with the head of a cat. She represents elegance and strong spirit. Noir is black in French. The black cats were highly respected in Ancient Egypt, and were therefore reserved only for the wealthiest and most powerful people, as it was commonly believed that they bring prosperity and wealth to their owners.

You had my curiosity, now you have my attention!

Good, that’s what we’ve been aiming for the whole time.

Where do they deliver?

Although their target markets are UK and the Balkan region (Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia, amd Herzegovina), you can still contact them on internationalorders@bastetnoir.com to see if there’s a way to get their products delivered to you.

Can I see some pictures of what they are selling?

Of course you can; you can join them on their official Facebook page, their Pinterest board, or you can follow them on Twitter. They won’t mind anything you do, as long as it’s one of these three ways! On second thought, here’s a sneak peak of their versatile offer.

Bastet Noir Fashion

Any Words from the Founder?

“We are not saying we’ll change the world by ourselves, but we’ll definitely do everything that’s in our power to keep it from decaying. It wasn’t long ago that the effects of the global warming and gasoline consumption started to show. What seemed like a harmless industry meant for people to have fun and express their individuality had grown into a gruesome billion dollar business that started to destroy not only people’s lives but the planet as well.

The planet started to turn its back on its inhabitants and for all the right reasons. Forests started to be widely destroyed, animals got tortured, people got killed and harmful chemicals started to be released as fashion houses’ battled to claim the throne of a world where chaos and insanity started to rule.

It wasn’t until the early 90s when people started to notice just how much the fashion industry is responsible for damaging planet Earth. That’s how the concept of eco fashion started to develop, as the fashion industry slowly started to go back to basics in a desperate attempt to savor the planet. Twenty years later, I decided that it’s finally time for me to start contributing to the environment and that’s how the idea of founding Bastet Noir came to be”.

Daniela Milosheska

Check out www.bastetnoir.com.