The Best Food Cities in the World

Olivia Labonte

One of the best parts of traveling? Eating. Whether you choose to indulge in traditional or alternative meals, there is a city for every type of appetite. Here is a diverse list of the most delicious places to eat in the world.

Portland, Oregon



This city, unofficially deemed the “Hipster Capital”, has a diverse set of restaurants and micro-breweries to satisfy even the most difficult taste buds. Portland, with its environmentally friendly vibe, has a lot of fresh produce and farm-to-table restaurants. If you like eating trendy meals while in a down-to-earth and artsy setting than Portland is the place for you.

Our favorite restaurant: Clyde Common

Naples, Italy



Of course this city is revered for having the best pizza in the world, but the specialties do not end there. There are many other fortes of the Neapolitan cuisine. From sea to fresh produce ingredients, one is never bored with the plethora of flavor combinations. Try the parmigiana di melenzane (eggplant parmigiano) or cozze (mussels) which are a must-eat when in Naples.

Our favorite restaurant: Pizzeria Sorbillo

Kyoto, Japan



Japanese cuisine has taken the global cuisine by storm with sushi being a staple meal in several parts of the world. However, we recommend visiting Kyoto to not only experience genuine Japanese food, but to also experience the city’s many internationally recognized chefs and restaurants. In 2012, Kyoto was the city with the most Michelin star rated restaurants in the entire world. Sushi and Michelin stars… Kyoto is every foodie’s dream city.

Our favorite restaurant: Kiyamachi Sakuragawa

Los Angeles, California



Food-truck lovers will simply adore walking the streets of LA. This city is often rated number one food-truck city of North America. The truck concepts are usually elaborate and creative. They also serve exquisite meals that will explode on one’s taste-buds. From tacos to Korean BBQ, there is nothing a Los Angeles food truck can’t serve you.

Our favorite: The Grilled Cheese Truck

Florianopolis, Brazil



It is worth the trek to Florianopolis in order to eat the best oysters in the world. This city cultivates the celebrated Brazilian Santa Carina oysters. Oysters are good, but fresh from the sea oysters are outstanding. If you want to indulge in the freshest oysters topped in creative ways, than this lovely coastal town should be your next destination.

Our favorite restaurant: Porto do Contrato

Marrakech, Morocco



Moroccan cuisine is a delightful blend of sweet and spicy flavors. Have a meal from one of the market stalls in the Souk or enjoy delicious tagine and couscous in one of the many traditional restaurants surrounding the main square. Moroccan cuisine is very refined due to its many interactions with various nations throughout its long and exciting history.

Our favorite restaurant:  La Terrasse des Epices