Chelsea Krost Shares some Quick Tips on Saving Money

Shaaz Nasir


Over the last 3 years, Chelsea Krost has established herself as a thoughtful voice for Generation Y through podcasts, interviews, and her own show.  With more millennials stepping up to fill the void of what it means to be an all encompassing young professional in the 21st century, Mindthis Magazine has highlighted some articles surrounding Millennial finance (or lack there of). Enjoy these articles that will provide some quick tips on saving money and even let you change the world….on a budget.

Every generation has their struggles, the ones that we endured over the last decade has forever changed our spending habits. Sarah Landrum explains how Generation Y is not spending their money the same way their parents did on houses, cars, investments, and even future kids.

Kendal Perez’s provides some sharp advice on how to save money using social media Wait what? You mean I have an excuses to waste hours on facebook?! She also goes further with some general saving hacks.

Ok. You saved some cash but still just short of enough to change the world? Think again with Janet Adams’s fresh take on how to make a positive difference in the world without breaking the bank account you just topped up.

Want more great lifestyle advice on everything Millennial? Just check her great online presence.