The Colder the Winter, the Hotter the Looks

Nikita Alentyev

‘Tis the season to be jolly.

Winter makes all of us think of our families, of a ski break in Aspen or the Alps, a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows and a general feeling of warmth and coziness. Well, there are certain ways of to be stylish while staying warm and project a good taste even if it is a family gathering where everyone is wearing matching snowflake sweaters (not too tacky this season!) handmade by Nana.

Scandinavia & Patterns

Did he just say I can get away with a handmade sweater that has snowflake patterns all over it? Yes, I did. This season designers are inspired by Scandinavian fishermen: those used to come up with all kinds of patterns for their sweaters to keep them warm but mainly to help lifeguards identify the bodies of those lost at sea. It doesn’t look as dreary for us nowadays. What we have is an impressive palette to choose from. Traditional colors are off-white combined with every possible variation of beige: from mocha to dark chocolate; grey from mouse-grey with a tinge of silver to dark grey very close to black; and not to forget navy. For those experienced dressers out there that are no longer satisfied with the basics and not even a little tempted with any combination of those, you may want to look into something vibrant and warm – mustard yellows, fiery reds or give your look an icy touch with turquoises and emerald greens.

Tribal Allegiances

The local diversity festival is no longer your only occasion to wear your Indian pattern scarf. This winter many fashion brands came out with a wide range of knitwear and fleeces in tribal patterns: Navajo, Cherokee, Mexican, etc. A word of warning to this tale – if you choose to wear it don’t scream about it or else you risk to have an open conflict with ethnic minorities rights activists (as some may know Urban Outfitters is currently going through a trial with charges over native appropriations). I wouldn’t necessarily go as far as cruising the snowy streets in a bright color poncho (although that fits into the current trend), but a brown and blue fleece scarf or a cardigan the color of raw meat with light brown zigzags can do the trick.

Fur & Leather

Sorry, PETA. This season is all about fur and leather – of course, if you go by a beaver or a mink fur coat you risk looking like a pimp, but black leather jackets with fur collars or hoods are a must for the winter. (Those who know what 30 degrees below zero Celsius feels like will understand). Suede coats with black sheep fur on the inside and a subtle lining in the same material look appropriate with both business attire and your usual casual choices. Aviator type leather jackets with sheep fur are a combination of a very manly military style, comfort and practicality. If you are the type that drives everywhere and has no particular need in heavy snow ammunition pick out a smart coat with a zip-on or a clip-on fur collar: you won’t get too hot while driving and still look winter-appropriate while outside your vehicle.