Converse Sneakers: Going Beyond High Heels

Daniela Milosheska
Converse Sneakers Chuck Taylor for Women

Ladies, It’s Time to Embrace Converse Sneakers

Fashion lovers are prepared to go to extremes, devoting huge amounts of our paychecks to beautiful shoes. However, people keep focusing on just high heels. I get it, high heels are elegant and enhance the whole figure of a woman. But what about sneakers? Converse sneakers are more comfortable, and can really improve your style if you’re up for a little experimenting.

Converse Sneakers Chuck Taylor

The History of Converse Sneakers

The ultimate whisperer of the street style is indeed the sneaker, not just any sneaker, but Converse sneakers in particular. The Converse brand has been around for over a century; it is a brand I both admire and wear frequently.

In 1908, Converse was created with one idea in mind – to start the first ever rubber sneaker company to deliver its sneakers directly to stores. Dedicated to all of those independent enough not to follow, the young company started supporting what at that time was a young sport: Basketball.

Converse Sneakers Chuck Taylor UK

In 1918, the company acquainted itself with than basketball player Chuck Taylor. Taylor invented what is known today as the most successful selling basketball shoe in history – the Chuck Taylor All Stars sneakers. These sneaker added a unique patch to protect the ankle. In the period between 1958 and 1968, everyone’s favorite sneakers were also available in a variety of colors. Originally produced in the 1970s, the company still manufactures this popular model of sneakers.

Today, many people might not know who Chuck Taylor really was, but there isn’t anyone in the world that doesn’t recognize its model. As a basketball player, Chuck Taylor may not have been an extremely popular name, maybe to the basketball hard-core fans. However, as a designer who came up with the Chuck Taylor All Star model,  his name and legacy will continue to live on.

Converse Sneakers Chuck Taylor on a Date

Manufactured in the United States, the company lost its luster and appeal when the production of the most iconic sneakers of all time was moved to Vietnam. With the appearance of other companies like Nike and Addidas, Converse was forced to file for bankruptcy in 2001. In the same year, the footwear company was bought by Footwear Acquisition whose team turned Converse into the 7th largest footwear company in less than 2 and a half years. In 2003, this led to the company’s buyout by rival Nike.

Throughout the years, the Converse sneakers have been associated with various different groups, from basketball players to professional athletes, punks, grunge rockers, skaters, emos, and hipsters.  Today, these sneakers are the favorite item of many celebrities,  from movie to style icons, from pop singers, all the way to hard rock groups. It seems like the Converse unites them all.

The immortal shoes for the young in spirit, and the rebel in heart, have managed to outlive our grandparents, lead our parents through their life, now only to become our generations most favorite and loved fashion sneakers.

Converse Sneakers Chuck Taylor

Today, style norms have changed alot since the elegant 1920s. Fancy pieces can, better yet, be recommended to be mixed with Converse sneakers. Everything goes with everything. Personally, I thank God for the one who was brave enough to mix a Chanel purse and a pair of Chuck Taylors.  As well, I applaud the first girl who ever thought of mixing a long skirt, with leather jacket, and All Star sneakers. These fashionistas, regardless of whether they are celebrities or just mere mortals who enjoy creating art with clothes, deliberately or not have made Converse the most iconic shoe of all time.

“The best stories are the ones that don’t end — the ones you just keep adding to and adding to — all the while marveling at the creative, disruptive, optimistic, courageous ways things evolve from being what they were, to what they are, to what they will become.”

– Converse

It’s time for you to pick up a pair of Converse sneakers and give those high heels (and your feet) a rest.