Daniel Wellington Vs. Smartwatch – Review

Shaaz Nasir

Daniel Wellington watch in box.I suppose we can all just use our smartphones to see the time but there is something wrong with ignoring one of the greatest accessories a young professional could have.

With Samsung releasing its flagship Smartwatch filled with apps and apparently Apple to follow suit, I decided for something a tad simpler. The Daniel Wellington can’t record how fast your last jog was, nor can it help you order food on the way home, it just tells the time. I believe Gen Y needs to take a step back from jumping at every single latest gadget and just appreciate simplicity.

Daniel Wellington watch strap back

Samsung’s Gear Watch Falls Flat

Daniel Wellington watch care instructions.Now, I am not advocating for some Luddite revolution, after all I help run an online young professional magazine with all the latest technology at my disposal, what I am insinuating is a throwback to a classic watch which accentuates your clothes during business and evening hours. This is where the Daniel Wellington shines bright for the all encompassing young professional and whatever Smartwatch falls flat. To be blunt, my Daniel Wellington looks gorgeous while the Samsung Gear Watch looks like a toy for twelve year olds.

Unlike other magazines that prompt you to spend $8000 on some Rolex, we understand at Mindthis that this is simply not an option for a young professional (and I might add rather pompous, come on bro, you’re just an entry level investment banker not Roger Federer, earn a Rolex by building a legacy not using your credit card or bonus). The Daniel Wellington puts you back about $180 to $220 with taxes and shipping depending on the gender of watch. Although only 24, I feel like it’s a piece I can hand down to my grandchildren. Imagine handing down an iWatch made in 2013 to some kid living in 2030, “what the *bleep* is this old shit?” is not the exact feeling I am looking for. Daniel Wellington is timeless and affordable while the Smartwatch will be obsolete in 8 months when its next edition comes to market.

Daniel Wellington watch strap back

But Who is Daniel Wellington?

“The founder of Daniel Wellington met an intriguing gentleman from the British Isles. The man had the inspiring ability to be gentlemanly but still relaxed and unpretentious. He had an impeccable style, and loved to wear his Rolexes on old weathered Nato straps. His name? Well, Daniel Wellington, of course. A strong friendship emerged between the two, and our founder was inspired not only by the man’s many great life stories but also by his class and timeless style of fashion. We believe that we’ve managed to capture a bit of Daniel and his style in our watches, and a year to date, we trust that Daniel would be proud of what we’ve achieved.” – DW Website

Daniel Wellington watch display.

The Straps

Daniel Wellington watch straps.This is their unique selling point, you’re supposed to change straps according to the event or season. They were very generous with the thick leather strap that will probably take 2 months to fully break in. I opted for the classic York and will invest in the Nato strap down the line when the time is right.

Information Overload

Generation Y is already drowning in information overload and must understand that there is a diminishing return to tech gadgets. There comes a point where you just have too many tech gadgets that actually begin suffocating you rather than simplifying your life.  Some argue that you need a smart watch as it acts like a remote for your large smart phone. I laugh at this argument because it’s precisely why I believe Gen Y has reached max capacity on the amount of tech gadgets they should own. You actually want a $300 remote that tells the weather for your large phone that’s 10 cms from your hand? That’s just lazy and a waste of money. For another 150 you could get an iPad Mini which is far more useful than a Smartwatch. Just remember that in an age of unfiltered and copious amounts of information at the tips of your fingertips, technology must empower you not slow you down.

Daniel Wellington watch.

Your Timeless Companion

Elegant and quality are the words that came to mind when opening up the Daniel Wellington; it feels premium and preppy without being obnoxious. The battery life on the DW should last for about 3 years versus the 3 day span of a Smartwatch. Furthermore, the Daniel Wellington comes out of the box perfected unlike a buggy Smartwatch with promised “updates” that would just waste more of your time. It’s a clear choice, save your money and time by investing in a classic watch that is a true companion for the all-encompassing young professional.

Daniel Wellington watch on wrist.

Daniel Wellington gets a 10/10

For more photos check out their Instagram account.

You can buy the watch here.

Daniel Wellington Watch box.