Dress to Impact: The Metro Way

Shaaz Nasir

Look at this dapper fellow.

What do you see?

  • Got the walk
  • Fitting Suit
  • Great contrast with plaid shirt and a solid grey suit
  • Accessories: belt, tie clip and sunglasses are sharp

Walking with purpose and poise. This is how someone age 17-35 should dress in the business world. Although I feel it may be a tad too sunny to wear this dark shark grey suit, it still works when you are in the office. Please take note on the shoe style as it makes him look taller.


The Modern Male Purse

Authority, conviction, organization, all these words appear into people around you. Once again take note on how the suit is fitting and the cuffs / pocket square brings this guy to a whole new level of professionalism. Oh look! His tie is not 8 inches wide like the 90s nor is his tie knot rival the size of an apple!

When picking out a bag be sure to check out how strong the zipper, strap, and bottom is as the last thing you want is wear and tear on the third day. Do not strap the bag across your body; you look like a school boy that is putting on his car seat belt.

Power of the Glasses

If you are lucky enough to have bad eyesight please do take advantage of this gift. From school to the business world my experience has shown me that glasses make a major impact in three areas

  • Trust
  • Wisdom
  • Stability

As a young guy you want these values to be oozing off you when presenting a new idea, for example to senior management (who already are skeptical about a young guy).

You have many options in terms of adding the extra punch to your attire. This man means business, from his watch to the cufflinks. I have tried contacts in the past while working and I noticed a huge difference in the way I was perceived by my superiors.

Tip: Get large black frames, a timeless classic that will match with almost everything you wear. You could also try out some club masters a great throw back to the 50s.