Embracing Chaos and Finding Freedom in Your Life

Jason Gotwalt

Embracing Chaos in Your Life

Chaos is relevant. Chaos needs order. The secret to order is in the order itself. Young professionals need to understand the one-two-three to “true freedom,” and stay away from the three-two-one to chaos.

Young professionals all want freedom in our lives. We what financial freedom, the freedom of time and the freedom of optimal health to enjoy our money and time. To create “true freedom” you must acquire all three. Health and happiness are vitally important, but the need for money is not going away.

Get Real

Pretend for a minute that you are not going to win the lottery or inherit a fortune enough to allow you to quit your job. Now, be real, stop whining and understand that winning “true freedom” does not depend on the “cards you’re dealt,” but on the cards you choose to play first.

I work in corporate wellness and a commonality found among most companies is the rise of their employees mental illness, stress induced absences and the related prescription drug costs. By diving deep into this reality you will find the holistic nature of the three freedoms. The pursuit of money through sacrificing our time at work is dramatically affecting our health. A rapidly growing topic for discussion is the importance of work-life balance.

It seems the more we talk about it, the more we stress about not having it and the worse our health becomes. Our lives are chaotic, stressful and too “short.” We can’t just quit our job because the need for money isn’t going away and on top of everything, it may be years before your employer adapts to your work-life needs, if ever. So take control, choose freedom, and understand the importance of its one-two-three.

To reach “true freedom” in your life, let health be your door, time your feet and money your blanket. The order of order :

  1. Health – This is priority one. Your body is your most valuable asset. It has greater buying power than money and best of all, it’s a “penny stock.” Choosing health is free. Not choosing health is expensive. As you improve your health you effectively “buy” time. Time is not priceless; it can be bought or sold by your health. Though the hours in the day cannot change, the product of those hours can. Focus on your health to increase your energy, productivity and clarity of mind. It will increase your chances of a longer and more enjoyable life. Your body is a temple; your spirits home. Make it a happy home.
  2. Time – As your energy increases you can create time within time. Use this time to find yourself. Learn to slow down, listen to your inner desire, plan your next move and prioritize your life. You will find that utilizing your time in this way will create more time and you will be more efficient and focused.
  3. Money – Use your energy, time and focus to increase your earnings. Use it to earn a promotion. Use it to start that business you have thought about the past eight years. Use it to meet with a financial planner and get things in “order” for retirement. Whatever your desire may be, you will find you have the energy and time to “stop talking and start doing.”

I hope you have come to realize that money is the final link to “true freedom” and not the door. Without your health, you cannot fully enjoy your money. Without energy, free time is useless. Feel good about your body and you will feel better about everything else.