How to find the Perfect Glasses for yourself

Shaaz Nasir

I have been wearing eyeglasses since I was 10. Poor me? Hell No. I find glasses to help me boost my look at a party or convey confidence during an interview. You can as well. As Michelle Phan shows in the video, the first step in finding your perfect glasses is to know your face shape. You can find out what your shape is by the example shown in the video or by asking your optometrist, if you’re too shy to use lipstick (watch the video).  I won’t go too much into the details as Michelle Phan explains it perfectly.  Watch the video and come back to this article to see where you can buy your frames. Oh by the way, men you can stop at 3:30 mins, she starts sharing makeup tips to add some pizzazz to her look.

Ok I know my face shape, where can I buy the right frames?!

If you have a larger budget, I recommend Tom Ford for classy and quality build choices. Don’t fret though, Warby Parker has a massive selection for dirt cheap prices as well! I have heard nothing but good things from their customers. You don’t need to buy more than one. I stick to one versatile pair that I adapt in different scenarios. Just remember to keep things simple and don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone.

Found your perfect pair? Take a photo on Instagram and #MindmyGlasses. The best ones will win a special prize.