Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger : Spotify

Sthephany Vasilopoulos van Oordt

Many of you might be wondering why I decided to move to Sweden. Was it because of my secret addiction Swedish berries? My love for below 30 temperatures? Or did I come here for a Swedish boy? Well my dears, none of these are true. Although, the latter is THE reason why anyone from the New World moves to Sweden.

Within my first week in Sverige (Swedish for Sweden), I attended a fabulous party. One of my first conversations with a non-colleague Swede went a little like this:

“So, what is it his name?”

– What is who’s name?

“Your Swedish boyfriend of course, why else would you move here”

– Ummm, his name is Spotify and he recently turned 5 years old. Does that answer your question?

Blank stare, end of conversation.

Yes my dear friends, I moved here on my own accord! About 90% of the people that I have met here have moved to Sverige for their Swedish significant other. No offence to all the inter-continenal love birds but I decided to move here for myself, not for anyone else. Just me, 4 luggage bags, and a pack of Swedish berries to keep me company on the 6.5 hour flight.

Let me tell you the story about the call that changed my destiny (Backstreet Boys reference to all my lady readers)

One cold January evening, I received a call from a Spotify rep. They had seen my resume in the database of an internship program I had previously joined. They were seeking to hire recent North American graduates to assist with the upcoming US market entry. After some skill tests and many Skype interviews, I was offered the golden ticket!

Just like anyone outside Europe, my first thoughts were… what in heavens is this Spotify? Sounds like some lame internet startup that will soon to go bust, doesn’t it? However, you’d be surprised. We’re actually the second largest source of revenue for European music labels! Smell ya later iTunes, may you rest in peace in digital heaven.

So in a way, yes I helped bring Spotify the US of A! Sorry Apple, I still love your products, and will never go back to a PC; but Spotify kicks your lame iTunes butt. For all my Canadian and other international friends out there, please be patient, Spotify is here to stay and we’ll definitely be making out way to an internet connection near you. For all my Yankee friends, why are you still reading this? Go download Spotify now!

Spotify is here to revolutionize the music market. Music and being a part of the in-crowd are the passions of a true Spotify-er. We do not believe in piracy, we believe that music is the most social thing there is. Spotify aims to offer music to everyone with the click of a button while providing you with new music to mingle, share on facebook, blog about, tweet and re-tweet.

Since I work in a very high profile European environment, my lips now have to be re-sealed my dear friends.

But let me leave you with this, I believe that all great things are born from people who are passionate about what they do. And this is what truly embodies a Spotify-er. Our motto is Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger because this is how we are going to take over the digital world.

My advice to you is the following: don’t settle for some lame job that you are not happy with. Never give up searching for something that you love. Believe me, every morning when I wake up; I go for a run, and I’m excited to go to work. I know each and everyday will bring a new challenge, and that we’re slowly making a difference in the music biz. And no, I do not sit and stare at the clock to tick 6pm. I actually go home and can’t wait for the next day to start!

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