Jovana Zuka : the portrait of a millennial fashion icon

Daniela Milosheska

Jovana Zuka

Mindthis Magazine has teamed up with Daniela’s Bastet Noir to cover some inspiring fashion icons of our generation.  Expect some honest and upbeat conversations with fashionistas on the front lines of new fashion frontiers. We’re going to get more personal with our Fashion articles to continue our bespoke coverage on what matters to a 21st century young professional.

-Shaaz Co Founder of Mindthis Magazine

If Bastet Noir was a cup of tea, she would’ve been our honey. Sweet, intelligent, and the tireless perfectionist, this girl is the real deal. A definition of multi hyphenate millennial, her talents range from being a photographer/killer-stylist/some-serious-kickass-story-teller. And they don’t stop there.

Jovana Zuka

 Jovana Zuka’s featured photo below is the streetstyle section of Her strongest asset is the ability to capture the best version of people, their soul, their vulnerability. She’s not afraid to dive in deep and find the uniqueness of every person, who stands in front of her lense. Her photographs always tell stories, they get the best out of people and perhaps that’s why she’s managed to get the attention from fashion’s big guys. Vogue featured her in their street-style section, designers, constantly want to get a piece of her, e-commerce shops are just dying for her to wear one of their pieces and beauty brands are flying her all across Europe to mingle with celebrities like Gerard Buttler. But what’s the most impressive thing about her is that despite all of these successful things she’s accomplished, she remains totally grounded and so adorably cool.

Jovana Zuka’s featured photo is the streetstyle section of

A marketeer by day and fashion musketeer by night, for over a year now she’s been the

glue that’s holding our brand together and we couldn’t be any prouder of having such an impressive person as part of our team. Sometimes we wonder, how on earth did we get so lucky?

So here she is, exclusively for Bastet Noir, she’s baring her fragile fashion-photographer-story-teller soul, allowing us to evade her personal space and see what makes her who she is.

Bastet Noir (BN): Tell us a bit about yourself. What makes you who you are?

Jovana Zuka (JZ): I work at a marketing agency by day, and I run a fashion website called After Two Five the rest of the time, which encompasses my freelance work as a stylist, photographer, and consultant, as well as my personal style.

BN: What was the main motivation behind starting the blog.

JZ:: After Two Five came to be because I wanted a space of my own where I could curate my love for fashion, and work on my styling and photography skills by experimenting and creating. It has now grown to be a fashion archive and an exhibition space where I share fashion stories, journal my personal style, and cover all of my projects.

BN: Favorite places

JZ: Porto, New York City, the shower, Copenhagen, the bed, Bruges.

BN: Favorite faces

JZ:  This constantly changes. Right now, Alicia Vikander. She is a striking combination of irresistible natural beauty, allure, charm, profound talent, and unconventional normality, which makes her just the right kind of inspiration for me.

BN: Proudest moment to date

JZ: Slowly learning how to take pride in everything I do, even the little things.

BN: There’s a timeless beauty in black and white combinations, wouldn’t you agree? Browsing through your website, we’ve noticed that you like black and white, whether it’s a photography or simply just an outfit. Is it safe to say that these are your favorite colors?

JZ: Yes, yes, yes. I’m very into absolutes. Both black, as the complete absence of color, and white, as the absolute sum of all colors together, portray an ultimate harmony. These hues are immaculately clean, simple yet complex, mysterious, yet straightforward. Their application in fashion is infinite because there are no other tones with such qualities.

BN: 5 things you can’t live without…

JZ: The simple things, black coffee, water, air, my phone, the Internet. ☺

If you’ve already become one of those who can’t get enough of this girl you can find more inspiration on her blog AfterTwoFive or stalk her across her social media platforms, like we do.