Twentysomething & Living in Limbo in Barcelona

Kayla Pongrac

Flying Away to Barcelona A few months back I took a plunge into the unknown. I ended my job, sold the majority of my belongings, stepped away from a life of comfort and took off for Barcelona.  I didn’t know what to expect, or even if a Masters in architecture was what I wanted to do. But I made the move and I did it fast – like a bandaid, barely thinking twice.

After an intense semester of architorture, I had a month off to wake up and get it together.  A plan is a great thing and I recommend always having one, but don’t get discouraged if it falls apart.  Mine fell apart for reasons out of my control, but I believe it fell apart so that the right things could fall together.  Since I self-admitted myself into this ‘state of limbo’ I have never been more inspired to get out there and get exactly what I want.  I have no idea in which direction the wind will take me next, but I am excited for the next journey.

Dandelion Blowing

Since my kindergarten teacher asked me “what do you want to do when you grow up?”, my answer has always been the same: Architecture.  I am an aspiring architect, but also an aspiring restaurant owner, event planner and musician.  Never did I expect my life to go in so many directions.  Some people say I am split life living, and I agree but I don’t believe there is such a thing as a single life and a single career.  Not today.  Not with all the opportunities available to our generation.  I strongly believe in the phrase jack of all trades and master of none. Don’t accept one single profession with a linear career path, instead create a lifestyle and merge all your passions into one.  This is the quest I am on.

Since removed from my fast paced, North America go-getter lifestyle, I’ve had the chance to stop for a minute, pick up a book, and just listen to my thoughts, desires and goals.  I never would have had the courage to take this leap if I hadn’t taken the plunge and moved to a foreign city.  Barcelona has given me this courage.  I couldn’t have ‘chosen’ a better place to be in such a state.  Nothing in this world can describe how amazing this city is, how much it gives back to you, your soul, your outlook on life, your everything.  Regardless of the numerous mishaps and tardiness, Barcelona has taught me many humbling things about myself.

Be Bold. Be Creative. Be Positive.

Be BOLD: or italic, but never regular.  Living in the middle of the everyday chaos, vibe and action in a city like Barcelona is part of the experience. But don’t get lost, get on top of it.  Take risks with confidence and be courageous.  If there is something you feel you need to do, just do it.  There is no time like NOW.  A simple hello could lead to many things, so get out there and make things happen. If you fall, make it count and don’t stop there.

Be CREATIVE:  Lose the fear of being wrong and let go.  Try something different even if you don’t think it will work out. The best time to attempt this is when you are out of your comfort zone.  Let your imagination run wild and show your creativity through any medium; art, fashion, dance, writing, the list is endless. Constantly look outside the box and own your awesomeness.

Be POSITIVE:  When the tough gets going, the going get tough.  Take everything day-by-day and take the best of each day.  Even in the darkest moments look for the brightest feature.  Remember, this exact moment will never happen again. Once you realize this, everything becomes more exciting.  Your morning coffee will taste better, the sun will shine brighter and negativity will fade away.

Living in Barcelona

I realize that not everyone can drop everything and travel across the world, but everyone can benefit by spending quality time with themselves. Take a journey into yourself.  If you end up in a state of limbo, maintain an open mind and pursue your goals, it’s not as bad as it may seem.  Where I am off to next, no one knows.  But I know what I want to do and I know I will go wherever I can to achieve it.  I am embracing this time in-between; to get to know myself and redefine my ‘plan’.

I hope my advice has inspired you to go out and find yourself. Sometimes you need to step outside, get some air, and remind yourself of who you are and where you want to be.  Chase those dreams and don’t stop until you get there.