Make 2015 Count: Three videos to kickstart yourself

Shaaz Nasir

2015 already?

We are half way through one of the most intense decades our humanity has ever witnessed. In the history of our existence we have never been this smart, connected, and healthy. But what are you doing about it? Are you just trying to play it safe? Find some comfy job that pays the bills? You have some dull girlfriend or boyfriend that’s “easy to have”? Afraid to actually live out that crazy dream you had during university, the one where you were going to be who you wanted to be?

Don’t throw away who you are to play it safe, we have never been in a more progressive and fast paced period in our history as a human species. Now is not the time to question our greatness. It is a time to act on it, to build it, to share it. To define what “it” even is.

You don’t need to save the world. Your goals can be simple. Just make sure, they are YOUR goals, not “to do lists’ determined by the notion of success set out by society or worse elite daily.

Your first step to making 2015 great;

Watch these three videos to self reflect about 2014 but more importantly get inspire to shape your 2015. Generation Y may have been unlucky due to the devastating financial crisis that has crippled the labor market, but it’s still free to dream, it’s still free to hope for a better future. Lets turn your dreams into reality. Watch the following to get pumped and then write your goals down. We’re half way through the decade of our humanity but you’re just getting started.

Will Smith explains how he targets his goals



Jim Carrey reminds us what really matters in life: a choice between love or fear.



Steve Jobs encourages us to break the limits defined by society



Have an idea? Kick Start it

Have a business idea? Build it

Not sure what to do? Think about it

Have a great new years and thank you for turning to our team of 30 for advice and analysis on becoming an all encompassing young professional living at the intersection of fashion, policy, culture, and technology.

Cheers to the humble folks who dare to turn their dreams into reality.