Interview: Martin Reader

William Strachan

The 21st Century Nomad

From being a model to a world-class athlete to a philanthropist, Martin Reader embodies the definition of what it means to be a true young professional in 2011.

Martin is the 2010 Canadian Champion, the 2011 Continental Champion and a 2012 Olympian for Beach Volleyball. He has found the balance between living a life of international adventures while still giving back to society whenever he gets the chance.

Let this 6 foot 7 champion inspire you to aim high and make your dreams into reality, in our exclusive interview conducted by our very own international affairs columnist Billy Strachan.

What makes Martin stand out from the rest is his ambitious vision. He plans to redefine the industry as he builds the brand of beach volleyball across Canada by increasing marketing and sponsorship leverage, and by developing beach-sporting communities across our country for all our beach volleyball athletes.

He aims to assist in exposing beach volleyball as one of the most entertaining and athletic sports in the world through playing, public speaking, creating a wealth of online resources and organizing future beach lifestyle events.

Mindthis, the world’s premiere online magazine for young professionals, is a now a proud supporter of Martin Reader.

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