Top 10 Men’s Hair Styling Tips for Young Professionals

Shaaz Nasir

So I thought it would be neat to share some advice on men’s hair styling for young professionals.

Men’s hair styling is not for every guy nor for everyday, but it can add the extra pow for that special event.  Various products are made for a whole host of different hair types and styles.

The Dos for Men’s Hair Styling

  • Less is more (try a dime sized amount at first) when it comes to men’s hair styling.
  • Dry your hair with towel and leave your hair a bit damp
  • Use clean hands when styling your hair.
  • Spreading over your whole palm, but leave a bit extra at the finger tips and thumbs.
  • Start with the top of your head, continue with the sides, and finally the bangs in front (back is optional).

The Don’ts for Men’s Hair Styling

  • Blow dry your hair.
  • Using gel of any kind is a big DON’T for men’s hair styling
  • Using product on dry hair.
  • Using product on wet hair. Do not use a comb, fingers please.
  • Starting with the back of your head as many so-called experts believe.

Products for Men’s Hair Styling

I use Aveda Men Grooming Clay for my men’s hairstyling needs. It’s for medium to long hair and it has a nice smell that does not leave your hair looking like a mess.

Men’s Hair Styling Tip – Gel versus Natural Looking Hair

Men's Hair Styling Tips - Cristiano Ronaldo Gel

Cristiano Ronaldo Gel. DO NOT DO THIS.

Men's Hair Styling Tips - David Beckham Natural Hairstyle

David Beckham Natural Hairstyle. TRY TO DO THIS!