Millennial Pink — More than just a colour, it’s Genderless Fluidity

Daniela Milosheska

Origins of the Millennial Pink

Continuing our partnership with Daniela’s Bastet Noir to cover inspiring fashion icons of our generation and deep dives into the reasons behind fashion movements, enjoy the latest instalment on gender fluidity driving the revival of pink.

-Shaaz, Co Founder of Mindthis Magazine

Some say it all started with Wes Anderson’s iconic movie “The Grand Budapest Hotel” in 2014, others claim what really made this colour pop was the introduction of the iPhone in 2015. We think that the obsession with pink started way earlier with that gorgeous Marilyn Monroe pink gown in “Gentlemen Prefer Blonds”, a look many have been trying to replicate ever since. Sure it was a different shade of pink, but the dress she wore in that movie was the starting point for the pink craze.

Today, millennials obsess with a different shade of pink, which even got its name after the gender fluid generation. What an honor, huh? Millennial pink, also known as Scandi pink or Tumblr pink is a warm soft shade with the blue hues taken out of the sugary pink. It’s an ironic tone of softness without the sugary prettiness. The reason why so many millennials are obsessing with this colour is that for us, this soft shade represents genderless fluidity, a place where there’s equality between both men and women, a place where we don’t care who’s who. It’s the colour of our freedom and free spirited mindset where judgement is almost non-existant.

That being said, we’re also a generation that sugarcoats its reality and maybe that’s why we’re so attached to this colour. We’re so informed and yet have a very selective memory when it comes to remembering things that are not pretty. It’s ironic really and the irony is especially palpable in Black Mirror’s Nosedive episode, where the director chooses this shade to be the leading tone of the overall setting. A society that appears to be perfect, and yet everything comes crumbling down when we’re chasing the acceptance of our peers. The color itself creates mellow atmosphere around everything. Is it a delusion or are we just so desperate for a change? Whatever it is, one thing is sure, like it or not it’s definitely the colour that will mark our generation.

Sure, the soothing and calming nature of the colour helps too, because not only does it look good on Instagram, but it looks even better on us IRL. It’s sort of like our genderless mascot that testifies for our belief that the gender runs on a spectrum. It’s this generation’s uniform, because it incorporates everything we believe in, our dreams, hopes and fears and the tireless work we put in to make this world a better place. It’s soft but edgy, powerful yet not in your face. So here are some things we love to wear this summer and probably this upcoming winter that come in this revolutionary tint.


Slip on, bodycon, bareback, sweatshirts or bell sleeves, short, long, midi… Whatever you decide to go with, you can’t go wrong. It’s the ultimate go-to shade you will need to rock this season. As it’s both edgy and soft, you’ll slay in whichever cut you choose. Our preference? When faced with such a choice we prefer loose fit over bodycon anytime.


Each morning when we get out of bed, we’re faced with so many choices about our 9 to 5 outfit. What to wear? We find ourselves in front of wardrobe full of clothes with infinite possibilities and yet we have nothing that looks appealing enough to put on. Sounds familiar? That’s when we opt for a silky shirt and jeans combo and throw a leather jacket on top. The slouchy, loose fit of a regular silky blouse looks so adorbs and comfy and comfort is what we’re all about.

Silky pink blouses will complement your look when you find yourself with “nothing to wear”


Too much pink for ya? Fear not, you can still rock this trend by opting for an accessory instead. Pick a faux leather choker necklace or a clutch. We recommend you go with pink suede if you’re aiming for luxe touch or edge it up with croco faux leather.

Accessories with pink clutches


This winter, the trend that was everywhere was salmon velvet pink. As we leap into summer, this is a must-have piece, gals. Opt for something with short sleeves or loose fit blazer for chilly nights. Maxi wrap dresses are also considered acceptable, especially if paired with strappy sandals.

Pink velvet for chilly nights


Tryin’ to be more subtle? A kinky pair of shoes is always a good idea to experiment with. High heels, kitten heels or flats, anything you pick, as long as it’s pink is acceptable. We love the denim and soft pink combo or if you want to go wild, fishnet socks can get that soft/grungy/rebel look.

Pink shoes are always a good idea

The calming and soothing shade of the millennial pink can only be complemented by the softness of the silk, luxurious look of the gorgeous velvet and sophisticated touch of the suede. So opt for any of these fabrics with a pink tint if you’re aiming for a summer full of fun and surprises. Trust us, you will not regret your decision for even a second.

Like what you see? Check this fabulous Pinterest album we’ve created and choose your fave pink outfit to slay in this summer. As we’re here to serve you gorgeous women, check our latest arrivals and hit that sign up button to get in our inner circle of coolness to never ever miss a thing.