Mind the Culture: Shaaz Jazz for studying

Shaaz Nasir

I was studying late one night and needed some cheesy jazz. You know the kind that you hear in elevators or on the line waiting for Rogers to fix your internet for the 13th time, (but hey take no offence as I love that music once in a while) that’ss when I discovered the jazz artist Dave.

This guy makes the cheesiest jazz out there.

I got his album and was pleasantly surprised to find  his message on change/life reminded me of Mind the Gap.

Read it

“I think on some level we all feel it, I sure have. A frequency and velocity of change that’s unprecedented in our lifetime— nothing short of a complete realignment of everything we thought we knew. It’s a whole new game and the rules are still being written. Well, like it or not it’s here, seemingly everywhere, making it an uneasy time for many. How we respond and move through this period is what really counts now.

Music has a particular ability to awaken and stir the soul. Through the recording of these songs, I found a way to embrace this crossroads in my own life and ultimately discover a sense of comfort within the discomfort. It was a transformative experience of great learning, inspiration and healing. It is my hope that in listening to this album, you’ll begin to notice a shift in you as well. Consider this a ‘musical survival guide’ for these unfamiliar times. All that’s needed is an open heart and an open mind to awaken, inspire and enlighten you on your path.

We’re fortunate to be alive at this extraordinary moment, for out of the darkness comes the brightest light. With a calm and graceful passage through the chaos, we can arrive to a place of pure possibility and promise. Our future is unfolding in all the right ways, for all the right reasons. Let’s embrace it. Hello, tomorrow. With love, gratitude and blessings.”

– Dave Koz  (95% sure this was his excellent writers working for his PR and in fact he probably never read this. The message regardless of who may have written is highly valuable)