Mind the Malta

Shaaz Nasir

So there I was, overlooking the bay of St. George’s on the coast of Malta.  I gazed across the great expanse of the crystal clear blue Mediterranean Sea littered with its colourful fishermen’s boats. My room offered an unsurpassed panorama. The hotel itself was just a short stroll away from the vibrant neighbouring town of Paceville which is the hub of the local nightlife.

Evidence of Malta’s earliest inhabitants dates back 8 000 years! For example, the extraordinary Neolithic temples are believed to be older than the ancient pyramids of Egypt and are widely thought to be the oldest free-standing monuments in the world.

What struck me the most was not the bay nor the breath-taking architecture of the surroundings.

No, it was Patrick.

Who is Patrick you say?

He is this waiter my family and I met at the Ottawa Airport; he was straight up and direct. Patrick honestly informed us that: “Sir, trust me you don’t want the soup of the day, these guys? Yeah they would sell this to ya, but not me sir, the soup… don’t get it”. After awhile he came in and started to share his story with us, seeing the bond I had with my father reminded him of his dad. He then proceeded to tell us: “Keep this relationship alive, don’t lose it, trust me it’s something you will cherish forever. Always value your relationships and understand them”. Patrick hasn’t seen his close brother for 20 years due to many complex reasons ranging from immigration to personal strife.

The greatest investment one can make is in family and friends.

Patrick set the tone for the adventure in Malta for which I thank him greatly.