Mindthis endorses the Sustainable Leadership Summit March 7-10 in India

Umesh Mukhi


The Sustainable Leadership Summit  is global platform to showcase best practices and engage trans-sector dialogue from business, government and social sector across the world in context of sustainability and leadership.

The Pitch

We are a group of young professionals from different areas of knowledge and expertise, from Economics to Mass Media, from Entrepreneurship to International Relations, united under a common understanding that only Sustainable Leadership is capable to circumvent the present problems of our societies.

We challenge you, current and/or future Leader, to join us in this international and interdisciplinary debate. Our mission with this platform is to build a platform for debate, analysis and collaboration between the current and the future Sustainable Leaders interested in discussing nowadays challenges with innovative lens. Only innovation and creativity will ensure workable, stable and realistic solutions to the world contemporary issues. In other words, by facilitating dialogue, we expect to map the emerging trends of the innovative solutions and the type of leadership required to deal with all the issues related to sustainable development.

We believe that from here onwards, each sector will definitely need Sustainable Leaders. Only through the power of collectivism, we can envisage and determine what kind of best practices exist in each sector. The adoption of those practices is essential to ensure the development of Sustainable Leadership with high-skilled individuals leading the transformational movement, which we believe is already starting.

Define Sustainability 

In our perspective, sustainability is at the core of social, economic, environmental and political issues which our world faces today. Sustainable Leadership Summit is one of those few multidimensional ideas, which connects stakeholders from all sectors – Diplomacy, International Affairs, Innovation, Business Entrepreneurship, Public Policy, and Social Issues. Contemporary problems, in this regards, are not harder to solve nor have a bigger impact than in the past. They are just different in nature, obliging us also to think differently. It is here we need to discuss new mental models of how can we achieve a shift in mindset both psychological and technical in nature, how can we make leaders think differently, how can we learn from each other. For now we can’t afford to play with Sustainability, because the destiny of mankind is written by Earth. As Lao Tzu states “If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place”. We believe the notions of Sustainability begin from mind and that’s why we contend “Because Sustainability is not a Buzz word, it’ is a mindset”

That is the basic assumption under which we have structured this Summit. Different problems need different solutions; and different solutions are only achieved with different leadership models. Join us and make a real contribution.