The New Mindthis

Shaaz Nasir

Mindthis Generation 

Mindthis can be considered “Media 3.0”: going far beyond the traditional press and a step past the traditional “blogosphere” in harnessing experts from around the world. Our contributors span Sweden to South Africa; their occupations range from world travelers to young academics to professionals at the UN, HSBC, University of Oxford, Deloitte and many more organizations. With 100, 000+ readers in over 175 countries, Mindthis has established itself as the voice of Generation Y.

We are now a global young professional magazine focused on inspiring Generation Y with the latest analysis of fashion, foreign affairs, life, and technology from young successful leaders. Mindthis is where governments, NGOs, and businesses alike come to understand Generation Y.

The New Mindthis Logo

The red-lined circle with the attached red-filled circle is reminiscent of a thought bubble, as well as a planet with a moon circling around it. In this way it symbolizes the globality of thoughts and ideas shared by our readership and columnists. The grey and red colour scheme on our website symbolizes the harmony between impartiality, objectivity, and reliability of professionalism, and the passion, energy, and sex of youth.

It represents the unity of the complex experiences (the objective) in the universe and the unique perspective (the subjective) of each young professional.

New Layout 

As our veteran readers can tell, we have come a long way. The new design of Mindthis has been inspired by over 50 different websites from Armani to The Economist. It was crucial to nail down the right balance between practicality and the sheer beauty which embodies our unique brand. Each inch has been thought out to help our readers find the articles they want as soon as possible.

We have cut some of the fat within our sections to focus our expertise in technology, foreign affairs, fashion, and culture for young professionals within Generation Y.  We thank the people from around the world who are sending in positive feedback on how Mindthis has both flash and substance, and continues to push the limits in design.


After long debates, deep thought, and consultation with our Board of Directors, we have decided to display advertisements on Mindthis in the future. Although we are unique pioneers in that our readership are strictly young professionals (and we do not consider sites such as Mashable, GQ, TechCrunch, Foreign Policy, or CNN our direct competitors), in order to keep exceeding the global standard of web design, we will be generating revenue to invest in our expansion. More details to come on how companies and individuals can leverage Mindthis’s ever growing global audience.


As cliche it may sound, this is truly just the start of Mindthis Magazine’s ambitions. We are comprised of young lawyers, scientists, bankers, academics, and rogue world travelers who yearn to establish Mindthis as a 21st century Think Tank Consultancy targeted to providing services to Generation Y.  Consider Mindthis your personal army of advisors in fields that matter to you.

In the coming months we will be launching cutting edge policy briefs targeted to governments, businesses, NGOs, and you through various mediums such as iPads, iPhones, Androids, BlackBerrys (if they survive), PDF, and more. Despite our eventual evolution into a 21st Think Tank, we will continue to provide easy reads on hard topics to hundreds of millions of people through our magazine. In the long run, young professionals will flock to Mindthis services ranging from personal fashion advice to resume/cover letter building around the world.

The rest we shall keep a secret for the time being.

Global Partners 

Mindthis is proud to be making key strategic partnerships with internationally acclaimed NGOs and educational institutions. It is these unique relationships that further differentiates us and keeps you coming back for more. We shall announce them in the coming weeks.

Social Media 

We will be heavily investing in Facebook and Twitter as time goes on. We invite you to like our new Facebook page to get behind the scenes of Mindthis and understand what it takes to run an online magazine. We will be holding contests and competitions for our most dedicated readers in the near future. Mindthis has the audacity to claim that with our active community we will have one of the best Facebook pages in the world.

We also plan to set up Google+ hangout sessions to connect our readers and columnists. Not sure what to wear for your date? Hangout with one of our fashion columnists in New York for advice. Not sure how to manage your online presence as you enter the work force? Hangout with us for tailored tips on security settings. Social Media is not simply a tack on but another medium to inspire our active community of young professionals.

Mindthis is going to change how young professionals approach the internet forever. If you have any feedback on our ambitions or would like to join our team in any capacity, please email me at