Money + Yuppie = Power ?

Shaaz Nasir

Short rant on what Money means to Power.

Dear Yuppies (young urban professionals),
Money alone truly does not matter, what can you buy with 700 billion?

What type of power do you want?
Billions or trillions do not matter.
How much did Gandhi have in the bank when he freed a country of 1 billion people?
How much did Mandela have while in jail?
Oh wow you can buy 90 million boats, three cities in China, and  some mad amount of stocks and SOCKS! (You can never have enough… another post, another day.)
Does self-respect come in LV or Prada? Is real confidence no match for real Gucci?

Massive gap to mind between money and power, between what you really want and what you need to realize yourself.

Now keep in mind I own lots of brands but these things do not make someone better; they cannot fill your gaps. I buy these brands because they look nice but that is about it, not to solve some inner issues.  So my dear yuppies, stop being a yuppie and stop following the rest of the world.

How? More to come.