Where to be each Month of the Year

Olivia Labonte

With new technologies emerging at every corner, it is disappointing that teleportation has not developed as of yet. How great would it be to travel anywhere, any time without having to pay outrageously expensive flight tickets? The world is a wondrous place filled with different traditions, norms and cultures which leaves one wanting more. As soon as one gets the travel bug, it is impossible to stop exploring. If teleportation were possible or if one wins the lottery, Mindthis is prepared and has compiled a list of where we recommend being every month of the year. This includes a combination of internationally revered festivities and a few lesser-known gems.


Coachella Music Festival is where to be in April. The festival is one of the most popular in the world and the musical lineup never disappoints. As far as outdoor music festivals go, Coachella is the crème de la crème. Feel the joie the vivre of listening to great music and being surrounded by celebrities while in beautiful Indio, California.


Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican-American celebration that takes places on the fifth of May. It commemorates the Mexicans that managed to defeat the French Army on the fifth of May in 1862, despite being greatly outnumbered. Take part in the Cinco de Mayo festivities in Puebla, Mexico where the original battle took place. There is dancing, music and even a civic parade that takes over the main boulevard of the city.



Midsommar is one of the most important holidays in Sweden. It happens during the summer solstice and is a celebration of the longest day of the year. A lot of people dress in traditional garments and dance hand-in-hand around the “maypole” which is always beautifully decorated with flowers and plants. Think of Midsommar as a country-wide garden party where friends, family and visitors take part in wonderful merriment.


Montreal is your go-to for the month of July. There is no other city in the world that can offer as many internationally revered festivals in such a short period of time. Start the month off with the Montreal Jazz Festival, enjoy the Circus Festival shortly after and end the month on a funny note with the Just for Laughs Festival.



Tango Festival takes place in Buenos Aires, Argentina during the second half of August. Almost half a million people flock to this festival every year. Dance, enjoy performances and get completely immersed into the excitement that is the Argentinian culture. The Festival also hosts the Tango World Championship.


Oktoberfest is one of the most known festivals in the world. Even though the name suggests otherwise, it actually takes place end of September. We recommend enjoying the festival the traditional way in Munich, Germany. Get dressed up in lederhosen and drink some of the best beer in the world all while enjoying copious amounts of schnitzel and bratwurst.



Salem, Massachusetts is the place to spend Halloween.  Celebrate the spooky way while touring haunted houses and taking part in city wide activities. Also, Salem hosts an annual Halloween costume ball that is one of the best in the world.


Guy Fawkes Day is celebrated in the United Kingdom every fifth of November in honor of the day the House of Lords and consequently the King were narrowly saved from explosion. Guy Fawkes was arrested while guarding the explosives in early 17th century.  Bonfires and fires go off every year to honor the King’s survival. We recommend visiting London since the city looks even more stunning while completely illuminated with fireworks.



Holiday markets are one of the many great things about the festivity-packed month of December. We recommend visiting Strasbourg’s Christkindelsmarik to explore the world’s largest holiday’s markets of food, mulled wine, treats and much more. Fall in love with the Alsace region of France that becomes particularly jovial during this time of year.


After the holidays spent with family and friends, keep the festivities alive by taking part in Chinese New Year celebrations that happen anywhere between the end of January to early February. The best place to be during this special time is Beijing, China. Watch dancers perform the traditional lion dance and enjoy beautiful parades that takeover the entire city during this time.


Mardigras usually occurs mid to end February. The best place to celebrate this tradition is Venice, Italy. Take part in the Carnevale di Venizia that includes wearing elaborate baroque costumes and of course, the beautiful Venetian carnival masks. The festivity is also host to the annual Grand Masked Ball that is held at different grand palaces.

Carevale 2002


There is nothing quite like celebrating St-Patricks day in Ireland. We recommend visiting Dublin in order to witness the annual city-wide parade. The entire city is decked head to toe in green attire and the city puts on several concerts and activities throughout the day to honor the Irish tradition.