How to Style Your Fingernails with the Latest Nail Trends

Ally Sereda
Nail Trends - Lana Del Rey Stiletto Nails

Nail Trends are on Point

Pointy nails. You’ve seen them on some of the top celebrities this fall/winter, spotted them on the runway and are afraid. Be brave and embrace these new nail trends as there’s much more to Creative Nail Design (CND) than just the shape. I understand that women run the risk of being tacky which is why I have some tips to ensure your hands are engulfed with style.

Nail Trends - Lana Del Rey Stiletto Nails

The biggest nail trend of all: pointed tips. And with the newest technologies on the market for keeping the colour on, (like Shellac nail polish) great nails are more achievable and affordable than ever. Nails are an important part of fashion and style, and should be thought of as an accessory. How you wear them, or don’t wear them, impacts you in both the business and fashion spheres. But where have all these shapes and designs come from, and what can you do to keep your tips in tip top shape? Read on.

Japanese and Korean Nails are the Hottest Nail Trends

Nail Trends - Rihanna Almond NailsThe Far East is no stranger to extravagant nail design. Japanese and Korean Nail Art has flooded the Internet, pioneering highly fashionable, highly detailed nail art. Everything from laced tips, rhinestone studded cuticles and 3D gems adorn the nails. Think of it as the couture of CND. As early as 2009, artists like Lady Gaga showcased elaborate, Japanese inspired nail art as in her 2009 breakthrough single “Just Dance.” A quick google of Korean Nail Art reveals thousands of pictures: eloquent designs, inspiring colours and styles. CND was on the rise.

Whether its Korean nail art, or an office ready houndstooth pattern, focus on the tips is a fall fashion hotspot. This pointy nail trend has been spotted on stars like Adele, Rihanna and Lana Del Rey. The new shape gives the hand an elongated, delicate look, and creates the illusion of thinner, daintier fingers. Women everywhere are trading in their square cuts for the new tips, and we can be sure to see more of this look in the New Year.

Almond Nails Versus Stiletto Nails

So you’re ready for winter’s most fashionable nail trend. You go in and ask for stiletto nails, thinking you will get the soft, pointy look you’ve just seen on the runway at Fashion Week (almond nails). Instead, you look down to behold what you can only describe to your lady friends as “cat claws” Yikes!

Nail Trends - Lana Del Rey Stiletto Nails

Stiletto Nails

Ladies: Know the difference! There are two types of pointy nail trends: almond nails and stiletto nails. Stiletto nails are edgy and sleek, with a sharp point at the tip. Almond nails are pointy, yet rounded and give a softer look.

Nail Trends - Almond Nails

Almond Nails

Both can help you achieve a great look. Accessorize your glittery black evening dress with a set of deep burgundy (a winter favorite colour) stiletto nails. Even add a few diamonds at the cuticle for extra glam. Or customize your Balenciaga two piece with a set of bone beige almond nails, perfect for the office (depending where you work). Add a soft pink stripe on each nail for a subtle detail.

Nail Trends Shapes

Being Practical with Your Nails

As beautiful as those extra long 3D nails with little bows and gems are, we can’t all get away with it at work. (Shout out to the ladies that work at the computer) But getting on the latest nail trends doesn’t mean you need to get on the long trend. Opt for a fashionable almond shape but go for a shorter cut.

Nail Trends - Stiletto Nails

What Colors for Your Nails?

The best of the colors this season I like to call “essence colors.” Deep rich colors that pack a punch: decidedly cobalt blue, blaring burgundy, steady hunter green, are just a few. On the other side of the “essence” spectrum are the light tones: taupes, nudes, beiges, light cream browns and soft satin pinks. Be daring and go for color this season. Nail polish is like makeup: be sure to match your hue to your skin tone for the best results.

Instagram Your Nails

Check these top Tumblr nails style blogs for some wonderful ideas and take some shots of your nails with the hashtag #mindthis on Instagram. We shall take the best creations and share them with our fashion conscious Mindthis readers for real inspiration.