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Why you need you to calm down about Facebook Messenger

Shaaz Nasir

Get the Facts About Messenger

Thanks to knee jerk articles from attention seeking media outlets, everyone is flipping the sh@*!2 out about Facebook messages. Initially, it was reported that crazy mark zuckerberg wanted to turn on your camera without your permission in his quest of world domination. Stop watching Pinky and the Brain. Let Peter Martinazzi from the Messner app team explain in his own words what is going on with facebook messenger:
You might have heard the rumors going around about the Messenger app. Some have claimed that the app is always using your phone’s camera and microphone to see and hear what you’re doing. These reports aren’t true, and many have been corrected. Still, we want to address some concerns you might have.
How we actually use the camera and microphone—Like most other apps, we request permission to run certain features, such as making calls and sending photos, videos or voice messages. If you want to send a selfie to a friend, the app needs permission to turn on your phone’s camera and capture that photo. We don’t turn on your camera or microphone when you aren’t using the app.
Why we’re asking people to install Messenger—We’re committed to providing a fast, reliable and fun messaging app that anyone in the world can use to reach the people who matter to them. That’s why we’re focusing just on Messenger and moving messages out of the Facebook app. People usually respond about 20% faster when they have Messenger, and we think they’ll find both apps useful in different ways. We hope you’ll try out Messenger and enjoy everything else you can do with the app, like chatting with groups and sending stickers.
There you have it folks. But can we just pause for a moment and enjoy the irony of it all? Facebook is misunderstood because of people sharing fear mongering articles, via facebook itself? Alright back to the main points, question everything you read online and think before you jump to conclusions. Facebook messenger is harmless. If Peter is right, the app will increase response times by up to 20%. Less time waiting for your friends to reply.
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