Need Perspective? There’s An App For That (Well Three Apps)

Shaaz Nasir

Three Apps that will change your perspective on life

Oh don’t you roll your eyes at me.

“NOT ANOTHER TOP 4 APPS ARTICLE,” you yell! More marketing junk!

Trust Mindthis Magazine on this one. We go over three apps that will generally make you think about life from different perspectives. No I don’t think these apps will get you the next promotion or replace angry birds as your biggest time waster. But with so many apps flying around these days it’s hard to sift through the nonsense and find the ones that actually warrant the atrocious monthly cell bill you’re paying off.

So let’s jump into the following three apps that will help you think a bit differently about life.

1. Yahoo Digest


Yahoo still in business? Yes they are and in fact they make beautifully functional apps such as Yahoo Digest. Simply put instead of you scouring multiple websites and googling various topics, you get a few articles sent to you in a digest.

It’s nothing new as there is Flipboard and a whole host of various curating apps out there. But what makes Yahoo Digest shine is the structure of each article which includes relevant twitter accounts to follow on the subject, more in depth articles about the area of interest, and the way it just beautifully works. No mucking about, you get great content on a whole host of quick articles. The app shows you which one you open or never touch and begins to learn what you like and ensures the next batch of goods are going to make you smile more.

 People tend to be creatures of habit, always going to the same website for their information. Yahoo Digest opens your horizons and throws content that is still related to you in general but comes from another field and in the process changes your perspective.

2. Primer 


It’s a google app aimed to turn you into the 21st century Don Draper, minus the drinking and insecurity issues. With a clean interface it gives you important marketing lessons. As more Gen Y/Z folks are now starting up their own business this makes Primer a real easy sell.

 The way it will change your perspective on life is a bit nuanced. Even if you do not plan to open your own business, you must realize that we are constantly selling, positioning, and marketing ourselves to the world. Personally and professionally, having the ability to effectively convey who you are and what you’re about will take you to places in life. I know Google never intended this app to make you more interesting, but my point is more about paying attention to how you market yourself. No need to read the sea of marketing nonsense on the web these days, just save your time and take the lessons provided by Primer.

 3. Robin Hood


I haven’t even used the Robin Hood App since it’s focused for the USA. However, with report after report coming out about how Generation Y refuses to take part in financial products despite the clear benefits of doing so for your network, it’s an app I have to suggest to change your perspective on life.

Changing the way you look at every dollar will empower you to make a more calculated choice in life. The next time you have an urge for a 15 dollar Starbucks drink, you may be inclined to throw it on Robin Hood and finally realize it’s the small decisions in finance that change your life.

 Go Download some Perspective

 Ever since I switched from my Samsung Note to the iPhone 6, I have found my self not only using a lot more apps but also discovering better ones. This has nothing to do with Android vs iOS but rather an explanation as to why I am suddenly recommending apps a full 2 years after embracing the smartphone “movement”. From diverse info to marketing yourself to embracing the finance world, these three apps will change your perspective on life.