Nightlife in Hong Kong

Shaaz Nasir

Last night we chilled out with some Canadian expatriates at the high-end lounge “club 28”. We had a good chunk of the place booked and the view on the 28th floor was indescribable. The city lights were tantamount to the river just like the neon purple floor where merging with the mirror ceiling. The expatriates were not only high up in their professions but also young with enthusiasm and uncontrollable energy. The hosts ranged from A 24-year-old project manager based in Hong Kong for Lululemon to an early 30’s millionaire….these Canadians are obviously very successful and amazingly driven…giving their thoughts and advice on how the top 45 youth in Canada can meet their potential.

Outside on the balcony next to the pool, there was this angry British man yelling at everyone. Once we calmed him down, he revealed he designed the entire building and is working on more in Hong Kong. He was an interesting character, he “challenged” us to live life with purpose…be what we want to be….make that change…..he talked about his 3 year old daughter ….then he told us he has cancer and will die very soon.

That’s when his message hit us hard.

I just want to let Joe (the British man) know that we will take his lesson and live it.

Ps due diligence was conducted and indeed his story is true.

pps – I will not have internet in Malaysia and most likely no phone service as well (this is to let my Family know)