Off the Beaten Path at The Marley Resort & Spa

Ashleigh Rolle

My trip to Nassau was all about the Miss Universe Bahamas pageant but, I took a side get away to a resort I’ve always been curious about, the Marley Resort & Spa. Tucked away from the busy Cable Beach strip is this quaint boutique resort that was once a Governor’s home and eventually became the island retreat to Bob Marley himself.


The Marley Resort & Spa

The Marleys turned this oasis, which is now a luxury boutique resort into a vacation home for them and their children. With millennials veering away from the traditional path of hotels, seeking homestays and untraditional housing options this property is the perfect balance of homey luxury. Personally I always seek places with history and a bit of a backstory. After a failed assassination attempt, the unique Cable Beach property became a much-needed reprieve and it shows in the resorts current layout. To appreciate the find, which is the Marley resort, one must understand just how busy and eclectic Nassau really is. Marley is located at the heart of cable beach. A busy road near an even busier downtown that seems to never sleep.  It’s a rare find to be anywhere quiet in Nassau, let alone this part of town.

“I live where you vacation”, is something we often say but, very few Bahamians I know actually vacation in the Bahamas. That’s something I’d like to change, for myself at least. The Marley Resort has 16 rooms all themed after a Bob Marley song. Shanaye and I happened to stay in the downstairs, “Easy Skanking” room that had a beach view.

With the resort being closed for a few years and reopening under new management there were still some minor renovations being done. This however, did not take away from the over all beauty and seclusion of the property. With lion gates at the entrance of the resort and an overall relaxed vibe I genuinely felt like I was at the home of a rich relative.


The Marley Resort & Spa

For those traveling with a large group or family, attached to the property is a 6-bedroom luxury beach house equipped with a private infinity pool.

There have been very few moments where the first thing I would see would be the waters of the Bahamas in all their various shades of blue from the comfort of my own bed. With my bed perched next to the glass doors of my room I was afforded this breathtaking luxury and the view never disappointed either Shanaye or myself.

The resort in a nutshell is gorgeous and luxurious but what intrigues me most about it was the very thing this property represents.  Intercultural exchange and cross Caribbean dialogue. With their restaurant “Stir it Up” offering a multitude of Jamaican, Bahamian and Caribbean fusion foods you realize that management does not in fact forget where they are. There is a delicate balance that needs to be struck when running a resort like this and I feel as if the Marley Resort does an amazing job in striking it.

Marley  boasts a collaborative atmosphere but one still cannot escape the fact that Bob Marley once walked this property. This made it even more of a special place. Even though the resort is ran under new management it is still owned by the Marleys. With Rita Marley herself operating the gift shop to the front of the property.


The Marley Resort & Spa

Something else that is tucked away as a historical find for the guests is a special gallery dedicated to the king of reggae himself. Dimly lit to show the reverence of this room is a space filled with unpublished works honouring the memory of Bob Marley, an artist gone too soon.  With no cameras allowed in this room one must live in the moment and appreciate every piece of work for what it really is, a glance into the life of a man that sought to unify people through music and love.


The Marley Resort & Spa

The Marley Resort was truly an amazing find. I often stay with relatives and friends when I head into Nassau. This one magical property has made me feel like I have a permanent home and I can’t wait to go back.

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Photo Credit: Shanaye Smith