One Young World: Shaaz Nasir Accepted As Delegate

Shaaz Nasir
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Zurich, Switzerland - One Young World 2011 Summit

I have some great news to share with the Mindthis world! I was lucky enough to be accepted as one of the Canadian delegates for One Young World 2011 Summit. It’s an honor to be representing Canada on the international stage once again.

Truly young would-be leaders, no older than 25, will gather on September 1st to the 4th in Zurich, Switzerland. Their purpose? Solve the world’s problems. Why? Their elders seem unable to.

1600 top young professionals are gathering for the One Young World 2011 Summit for 3 days of world-leading training programs for young leaders. One Young World will be featuring the world’s most established personalities that represent change for good. Various areas of expertise will be covered from global business to economic and environmental leadership on the international stage.

Hundreds of One Young World delegates will be working with top CEOs and experts in various fields such as microfinance, climate change, and interfaith dialogue among others to draft real time solutions for today’s real problems. One of the key advantages of this premiere gathering is that proportional representation is ensured as people from the most populous countries, not the richest ones, will make up the bulk of the One Young World delegates (China and India will rightfully have the most).

Zurich, Switzerland - One Young World 2011 Summit

Zurich, Switzerland is the location of the One Young World 2011 Summit

One Young World Is Not a Vacation

One Young World has been covered by CNN, Vanity Affair and even the Economist as it is truly the premier global forum for young people of leadership caliber.

“Kids these days, eh? When they’re not busy harnessing their online networking skills to implement rapid-action relief schemes to help victims of natural disasters, or persuading the Secretary General of the United Nations to rethink the Millennium Development Goals, they’re setting off to walk to the North Pole in order to raise awareness of climate change. Well, those are just some of the stories of a handful of participants in the first One Young World summit, hosted in London last year. And there are, quite literally, hundreds more like them—every delegate has a story.  That is the great beauty of One Young World. It attracts people like this—opinionated, argumentative, passionate youngsters who care about the world and are convinced they can change it for the better—and gives them a platform to discuss and debate what they take to be the most pressing issues facing society today.”

– Vanity Affair

Founders of One Young World

David Jones is at the forefront of the next generation in advertising. The youngest global CEO in the history of the ad industry in 2005 and now the youngest global CEO of a major holding company, David has made a name for himself as a driving force for change, both within his own agency and in the broader industry and world. In his role at Havas, he is responsible for all creative, marketing, media, and design companies throughout the network of more than 16,000 people. He also continues in his role of global CEO of Euro RSCG Worldwide, the world’s largest agency by global brands.

“This is a unique generation. They have access to unlimited amount of education and knowledge trough the internet and trough social media and digital revolution, they have incredible influence and power to change. And so what we wanted to do is to harness that power of youth to affect positive change.”

– David Jones, One Young World Co-Founder

Kate Robertson has been Chairman of the Euro RSCG Group since 2006 and has been in the advertising industry for 26 years. During those years she worked mainly in global and pan-European roles and has become convinced of the importance of the roles of global institutions and global businesses in the certainty that what unites people is greater than geographical distance and national distinctions.

“Somebody leading a government today is trying to stay in power, somebody leading a company today is looking on quarterly results but a young leader is looking at the results of the current actions in twenty years time. So we look to the One Young Worlds delegates and ambassadors to lead and for the rest of us who are in real world leadership positions to follow that young leadership.”

– Kate Robertson, One Young World Co-Founder

World Class Ambassadors for One Young World

“The world is facing a number of enormous challenges over the next fifty years as it tries to evolve from a consumption-driven economy, to a new, sustainable economy. The leaders of today are just starting to grapple with the challenges; it will be the leaders of tomorrow who have to deliver the solutions to overcome them. Our job is to inspire these new leaders to seize the opportunities these challenges present.”

– Global CEO Unilever 

“The reality is that the Internet helped to spark the revolution. Our role was to create the snowball, and once the snowball was created most of the Egyptians who were hurt by the regime started to join and broke the psychological barrier of fear. My view is that the power of people is stronger than the people in power.”

– Wael Ghonim

Senior Google Exec, Times 100 Most Influential People 2011

“The world is changing.  The communications revolution and the innovations it inspires have wide-ranging effects on the way we conduct business. Youth of today is key for effectively understanding and seeking the opportunities in this new world. By supporting ambitions and dreams, by standing up with them to realize their aspirations, “One Young World” provides a great service not just for young people, but the world as a whole.”

-Guler  Sabanci

Chairman Sabanci Holdings (recently ranked by the Financial times as one of the World’s top 50 women in business)

For more information please check out the One Young World website and watch this informational video about the One Young World 2011 summit below in Zurich, Switzerland.

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