Ottawa my home

Shaaz Nasir

“When moving forward, never forget where you came from”

I was walking to the bus stop from work when I noticed how gorgeous the Hill was looking today…. so I  sat down behind the Parliament Library to type up this post…..

A few words on my home

Ottawa is a stunning city with the perfect balance of lush green and bold concrete. Despite traveling to many places and living in Oxford England, Ottawa is still home and always will be.  From the architecture to its history, Ottawa has a permanent spot in my heart.

People whom dislike Ottawa simply live under a rock or have deep issues that need to be dealt with. Yes indeed, the nightlife is not on the same scale as London or New Deli, but as a friend once told me, people who blame all their worries on Ottawa ….let them run to another city ….the same problems will pursue them, you can’t escape yourself regardless of what city you run off to.

After meeting countless City Councilors and business/educational leaders from Ottawa I am ready to represent my home in China and Malaysia.