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Pin Down That Pinterest Fitness Routine

Elizabeth Dubois

Pinterest FitnessWe are all there; that post-Olympic I-know-I-should-be-active vibe is everywhere. Having recently added Pintrest to my repertoire of online social networking sites at the pleading of the same friends who six years ago forced me onto Facebook, I decided the best way to get to know the site was to pick a category and explore. The obvious choices, once I’d synched my Twitter and Facebook accounts, were puppies and kittens, or health and fitness. Given the abundance of the former already sprawled along my Timeline I went for Pinterest fitness.

As I searched the category I started “pinning” Pinterest fitness routines that seemed viable, images that linked to articles brimming with pro-tips, and the odd motivational phrase or pretty picture that I thought might persuade an individual to run. I created a “board”: essentially a visual bookmarks bar. Which is nice, because who doesn’t like pretty pictures? In truth it felt more like scrap-booking than Internet surfing. When I came up for air I had a collection of some useful pins, some hilarious pins, and some not-so-relevant pins. Here are my top get-in-shape Pinterest fitness pins.

Useful Pinterest Fitness Routines

One-Song Work-Outs

Pinterest Fitness - One Song Workout

Simple Circuit

Pinterest Fitness - Circuit Workout

Body Weights

High Intensity Interval Training

Pinterest Fitness - Interval Workout

100 Calories Right Now

Funny Pinterest Fitness Pins


Pinterest Fitness - Funny Workout

Not So Relevant (But Nice All the Same)

Penn Badgley

Pinterest Fitness - Penn Bagley Workout