Promoted ! Now What? Advice on dealing with Success

Shaaz Nasir

Promoted! Now What? Advice on dealing with Success


Life is good. In a sea of young folks dreaming of an unpaid internship, you not only have a job but now have been promoted. Pat on the back you mofo. But what now? What drives you? Do you just blindly keep running for the next ring to climb? How about the finances, trips to Montenegro in Tom Ford suits? uhh not so fast.  Go party hard and when you wake up with an existential crisis we’re going to help find your next goal and even give some general financial tips on your pay bump.

Let’s sort your life out

Countless studies show that you are at risk of actually failing to build momentum with your career. Why? Because you lost your north star, the main goal that shaped your entire professional drive. Simply saying Ok, the next level is my target is not a good idea as that will take longer to reach. You have to focus on short term goals that can build towards that overall game plan.

How? No worries. Depending on your field of work you now should specialize in a unique skill or aspect of the industry. Why? Differentiation. It’s going to be harder to stand out as you are working with other lucky people that made the cut. Also you can now follow or do a deep dive into your passion within your industry. Focus. That’s the secret.  See what new area in your field you can add value in or what your office lacks. Still struggling?  Just bring in something new that you think the company really should consider.

Financial Prudence

It’s tempting to go out and spend all the new money you have access to. It’s even more tempting to collect all the credit cards with larger balances like a Pokemon Master. Don’t. A true Pokemon Master would know that you need to take a serious look at your old budget. Don’t bloat your spending habits with things you do not need. Do not get a three room penthouse, chill man. Instead half of your increase should go towards your savings/investments. Sounds boring but in the long run you will be in a much better financial situation. Remember to talk to a trusted Financial Advisor, embrace budget apps, and enjoy the extra income that you have left over. No one is saying not to live life, we’re just saying save more so you can really enjoy all of your life.

Remember to give back and forward

You do not need to become the next Bill Gates but maybe you can get a few presents for your parents or people that helped you get this far, you did not do it alone so do not keep all the fruits to yourself. Only a few years ago you were that hopeless student with debt and no jobs in sight. Try to pay it forward and help those get the same chance you had to shine. It’s a rewarding experience called “growing up”.