The Road Less (Expensively) Traveled

Olivia Labonte

Hitch hiking.
Traveling is a wonderful activity when one can afford it. Though there can be high costs associated with traveling, money should never prevent one from exploring the world. In this article, Mindthis has compiled several ways you can save money before, during and after your trip.


The first step in planning a trip is to inform yourself on the cost of living in the countries you plan on visiting; this will allow you to budget accordingly. Once you have an approximation of how much you will be spending, it is vital that you begin saving immediately. The easiest way to start is by simply cutting out any non-essential frivolous purchases, such as buying expensive coffees. Whenever you have a craving for an orange-mocha-frappucino, just think how much more epic it would be to enjoy a chai latte in the Himalayas. Another great way to put money aside is to inform your friends and family that for your birthday you would like money for your travel fund instead of presents. You can also opt to throw a party/event in order to fund your future travels.



The first thing you must remember is to follow your predetermined budget. It is better to be really strict on spending than to have to cut your trip short because you ran out of cash too quickly. Another way to save is by bringing only one small piece of luggage. This will prevent you from being tempted to buy things during your travels. Another way of saving money on your trip is to opt for couch surfing and hitchhiking instead of staying in hotels and paying a hefty price for plane tickets. Evidently, this advice stands for countries that are considered relatively safe. It is also recommended that women avoid doing these activities alone, as it is always safest to do so in groups.

Another great way to save money is to visit friends, family, acquaintances, friends of friends, and so on. This will often score you some great savings since family will allow you to save on accommodation, food, and the amount of times you would otherwise normally get lost in a new city. Another great way to avoid running out of cash during your trip is by not eating out all the time. Another perk of cooking instead of eating out all the time is the chance to save for more worthwhile dining experiences. While grocery shopping abroad, shop like a local. If you were in China, trying to buy organic will just have you spending more than you would in a restaurant. Traveling abroad allows you the opportunity to embrace a culture in every sense of the word. Don’t get caught up in your old ways, think locally and your experience will be worth it!

Travel can spawn many lasting friendships across the globe.


Upon your return, it is vital to keep in touch with the new friends you made during your travels. Traveling is an enriching experience, and there is nothing more valuable than the sense of belonging you may gain from visiting entirely new cultures. The best way to preserve this sense of affiliation is to stay close with those you were fortunate enough to meet along the way. Keep in regular contact, remind them to visit, and most important don’t lose touch! Not only will this allow you many couches to surf on in the future but it will also expand your network to include outside perspectives that will help shape you forever.