Three Piece Suits and Facial hair.

Shaaz Nasir

Three Piece Suits and Facial hair can take your look to a whole new level. But please be careful as if you are not important or have no where great to go….you will look silly. Furthermore, your facial hair can end up making  you look tired not mysterious, old not rugged. Here are some pictures that can give you a better idea of what is right.


This man is just bold. From his fierce beard to his classy hair, he has purpose with that tucked in tie and colour combo.

Take note of his rounded collar and how he did not do up his last cardigan button. His pose with the hand is almost as suave as his glasses btw.

Maintaining your Stubble

-keep it not user a trimmer

-how long it takes to grow your 5 pm shadow

Do not need to explain much here.

– Gloves


-Amount of buttons on the waist

-do not like the glasses though, makes him look kinda like a douche.

– replace the tie with a black one

– you got to walk with confidence or run the risk of looking like a fool.


– His stubble is perfect

-His suit material is  crisp

-His Tie is good

– All together it looks bad

– Tired, Old, his selves are too long

-Tie knot is too small

-His pose is weird as well, sloppy ..

Feel bad for this chap, as it cost him a ton of money to look like a amateur. Next time Ben!

Shocker…simple Shocker

Yes the power of the three piece and stubble can even make this joker look stoic. Everything is perfect even his strange flower on the chest. Notice how people put their hands in the pocket….more authority…more class. I also enjoy the amount of buttons on his vest; it creates a leaner look to make him appear taller.

So my friends, please grow your stubble

-3 to 4 days

-never shave against your grain

-clean your face please

-do not dry out your face please

-if you itch …fight it

– the moment your stubble becomes soft and fluffy…it may be time to shave

-Personal Tip: Big scarfs and your stubble do not mix…I have been caught many times will fluff attached to my face. If you do not have great friends to clean your face …check mirrors frequently!

I personally do not own a three piece…..  yet