Sing The Night Away

Shaaz Nasir

Last Friday, the preparation for China/Malaysia mission was finally taking its toll on me. The constant GO GO GO GO mindset needed a time off.

So I was glad to have a relaxing lunch with some old friends at a french pub in downtown Ottawa. Will, Sal, Benazir, and I reflected on the “olds times”, it’s always nice to revisit the past. From there I took my Sal on a journey of self discovery, lets tone down the seriousness. We went window shopping as I recommended some styles to him. Eventually Eryou and I crashed Brown and Ana’s house, again I apologize to them as I thought Eryou asked before we came barging in.

That’s when Eryou sang us a song. (He’s a great writer and a good singer).

After a few good laughs, Eryou and I met up with Glendon and Lopez to have dinner at the classic mexican place in d-town. We decided to chill on Lopez’s epic balcony. They sang the classics as Lopez had the ability to play every song known to man kind on his guitar….

The honourable Natalie Melanson jumped into the signing party and we sang the night away….

in short,

Sal+ Benazir+Will + Eric Eryou + Ana + Eric Brown + Nat + Glendon + Lopez = epic times.

Now I am fully charged to carry on.

P.S. this video is for Glendon!