Spring & Summer 2013 Fashion Trends for Men

Nikita Alentyev
Vibrant solid colors will be in for men in Spring & Summer 2013.

The Urban Gypsy

For some reason April feels like a good time for change. You can’t seem to understand why, but the soul keeps yearning for change, the eyes keep looking up to the horizon and the feet move in the direction of the unknown lands. Maybe we all sprang from nomads. They would wait for the winter snows to melt and embark on a journey searching for new grounds to settle. So what does the new season hold for us urban gypsies? Let’s pick up our tambourines, travel into the fresh spring in style and look at these men’s fashion trends for spring & summer 2013 .

The Desert

Desert fashion will be a popular fashion trend for men in the Spring & Summer 2013 season.

No gypsy quest is easy; there are always pitfalls, dust and desert. Facing these challenges requires appropriate attire and the desert-themed summer items are back en vogue. Or rather they haven’t gone out of fashion yet. The twist this season is a scent of the orient (rhyme unintended) that this sand-colored and drought-inspired trend has. There’s plenty of paisley in subtle pastel colors, harem trousers and some of the designers went as far as head wraps for men. This is by no means a cue for you to dress up like Aladdin’s father-in-law. The key here is not over-doing the look – water it down with some basics: white tees, simple cuts and solids. But if you are looking for your very own princess Jasmine a wardrobe reference to Asia and the Arab world would get the message across!

The Color

Vibrant solid colors will be popular fashion trends for men in the Spring & Summer 2013 season.

A gypsy ground is a Saturnalia – a mixture of dance, color, rhythm and nature. This very aesthetic contributed greatly to the ‘boho chic’ look for men. What does it have to offer the men? It’s hardly the same loose and multi-layered concept as it is for girls, but one thing that it does translate into this season is color. We are not talking bright highlights. We are talking vibrant solids that seem to be no match for each other coming together in this summer’s most catchy ensembles. Reds and yellows, turquoises and oranges. SPLASH! You may even step into the risky realm of technicolors (another fashion long-liver). Here the guideline is to pick equally bright tones and forget about your inhibitions.

The White

Whites will be popular fashion trends for men in the Spring & Summer 2013 season.

Reminiscent of the white snow or alluding to the romanticism of the white clouds designers worldwide are offering stunning total looks in the color of innocence. Although terribly impractical a white trench coat can make a louder statement about your confidence than a traditional beige or light grey option. Pants come in all different shapes and sizes. The sleek narrow ones go well with a vibrant top or accessory to highlight your fashion audacity. The more relaxed or even oversized ones are a perfect match for a total look. Conservative as I am I still abide by the ‘no white shoes after Labor Day’ rule or even the ‘no white shoes’ rule. Although the more daring of you may dive into the variety of white footwear the spring-summer collections offer: all possible renditions of white sneakers, topsiders and even some sandals come in white colored leather. Keep it in mind though – white, just as black, only goes with white in a total look. Make sure you don’t match pants tinted yellow with a polo that has a slight blue undertone to it – this simply does not work.

Keep these men’s fashion trends in mind, but don’t get those whites dusty or let those bright colors fade away as you follow your road into spring & summer 2013.