Success is easy

Shaaz Nasir

Success is Easy.

Everyone can be it, aim for it, attain it, share it, keep it for a long time as well. But what drove you to that success, how did you attain it, why or for who or for what?

Did greed empower your ruthless rampage towards success?


Did you have an urge to be the best you can be and work with a pure mind.


People came in your way, would you burn them?


Would you share and care until they joined you?

Success however you define it is easy.

You want that condo ? Sure.

You want that boat? Sure.

You want to be the best? Sure.

But what are you willing to give up, who are you willing to give up?

Are you going to give up yourself, your friends and family?

People do this to become successful.

It is not necessary but very easy to do so.

You do not need to give anything up. But it’s easy to, very easy.

Hard Success vs. Easy Success

You see there is a way to be successful; I am not sure what that way is yet. I know success should not be based on greed, fear or failure, giving up the people in your life nor a pursuit to fill a hole in you. We should not feel that burning people or forgetting them is a key to success. Business is personal. People ignore that, and yes they are successful because it is easy.

Overall, there is a right way to become successful. That path is hard but more rewarding.

When you get that success the right way,

You will have real people around you the ones that mattered to you the most.

Mind how you become successful

Because success itself is easy.

But if done wrong, you will be very lonely.