From Russia with Fashion: The Summer Faux Pas

Nikita Alentyev

Summer. A careless season, a yearly chance to live a separate life. Skirts get shorter and you can see those yoga classes didn’t go to waste. If they stay long you can hear them rustling in the evening breeze. An impression no less upbeat than the former. It seems like summers are less restrictive, more relaxed, a season when anything goes, time for opportunities. So instead of talking about the numerous fashion options for the summer, let’s take a look at the don’ts.

Socks: oh finally there’s no need to wear dress shoes! Even though the uncomfortable footwear stays on the shoe rack quick and easy, many don’t seem to toss the habit of putting on socks with whatever they have in store for the summer.  Sandals, loafers, topsiders, slip-ons do not go with socks. There is a whole range of products that can relieve the seeming discomfort of bare feet and stop leather and suede from staining. Sounds trickier than socks, but looks way more appropriate.

Short sleeves: if you happen to be a proud owner of a short sleeve shirt, don’t, I repeat, don’t put it on with a blazer or – even worse – with a tie. That puts you out of the picture in the office and on casual occasions. Why waste both?

Beachwear: Why does everyone love summer? That’s right! The beach. What happens there, stays there. Likewise: what is worn there has to stay there. Flip-flops are awkward when you are surfing the metropolitan sea of concrete, oversized floral print bermudas will hardly get you into the hottest night club in town, and tank tops are far from flattering when worn in the city. The urban landscape is best suited for sandals, classic knee-length shorts (with a knife pleat and a crease) and an organic cotton tee.

Sunglasses: if you don’t want to lose your eyesight wear sunglasses. If you don’t want to lose face don’t put the sunglasses on your head or forehead. There is a certain reason why this accessory is sold with a case. Worst comes to worst put it in your pocket or on the collar of your shirt.

To tuck or not to tuck: no self-respecting adult would tuck his tee or his polo into his pants. Unspoken rule. Well it’s not the same for shirts. Those are to be casually tucked in most of the time. Hold on a minute: what about layers? Well, it’s a clear summer day with 90 something degrees not October – why do layers? Put on a light shirt, tuck it into your salmon colored fitting pants and have no doubts in your style and yourself.

Colors: the navy, the black, the burgundy and the dark grey kept us all depressed and joyless throughout winter. Spice up your look with beige, sand, tobacco, mustard. Look daring in white, salmon, champagne and ivory. Refresh the wardrobe with the shades of lime and electric blue. A thought-out combination of those is always eye-catching. Get out of your comfort zone!

Keep these in mind and explore your options: just be quick, the summer ends as suddenly as it starts!