The last 50 meters

Shaaz Nasir

Hello everyone!

I just came back from my jog (still sweating tons…ew) and well it was a failure.

A few months ago I ran the 5 km for charity, and broke my personal record with a 32.024 minutes…lol not amazing but relative to my first practice, 60 mins, …it’s an improvement. I remember the starting line and how thousands of people were all together running for one cause, it made me feel that I was apart of something important. There were no gaps between any of us…. before the race started, the announcer said something along the lines of “remember everyone, it’s not what you do in the first 50 meters that count….the last 50 meters is when you need to focus and give it all you got….the last 50 is the most important”

That’s a powerful message that can be used for life in general. Unfortunately, today I was all pumped up about China and just ran out the door. Ran the first 50 meters…I was breaking my records left and right but as the last 50 came up…so did massive cramps. The last 50 was nasty, brutish, and LONG. The end result is too embarrassing to even post on the blog. I did not mind the gap.

I will not forget the last 50 meters ever again. Your effort is pointless if you loose sight of what you’re trying to do, whether its running a 5 k or embarking on a 20 day economic delegation to China and Malaysia.