Mind the Culture: Indian Poem/Song

Shaaz Nasir

I stumbled upon a very meaningful song the other day. Now as many of my friends know, I have a good grasp on Hindi and Urdu so I will do my best to bring some sense/context into the translation.

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Hindi Lyrics:

Aankhon Mein Jis Ke Koi To Khwaaab Hai
Khush Tha Wahin Jo Thoda Betaaab Hai
Zindagi Mein Koi Arzooo Kijiye
Phir Dekhiye ……

Hoton Pe Jis Ke Koi To Geeet Hai
Woh Haare Bhi To Us Ki Hi Jeeet Hai
Dil Mein Jo.. Geet Hai Gun Guna.. Lijiye
Phir Dekhiye……

Yaadon Mein Jis Ke Kisi Ka Naaam Hai
Sapno Ke Jaise Us Ki Har Shaaam Hai
Koi To.. Aaj Se Apna Dil.. Dijiye
Phir Dekhiye…

Khwab Bhun.. Yeh Zara Geet Sun.. Yeh Zara
Phool Chun.. Yeh Zara…
Phir Dekhiye…

Raw English translation

In whose eyes there is some dream
The only happy one is the one who is restless
Hope for something in life
Then see

On whose lips there is a song
Within that defeat lies his victory
Hum the song that is in your heart
Then see

In whose memories their lies someone’s name,
Whose every evening is like a dream
Then see

Weave this dream
Listen to this song
Pick this flower,
Then see

Shaaz’s context translation

Translating the context is very hard for anyone. Hindi is a simple yet complex language; a great example is:

Phir Dekhiye  or “then see”

“Then see” can be translated to”‘we will revisit the situation at another time” or “after acting, you will see the implications”.  I can go on forever but English likes to over complicate things. When I read “Phir Dekhiye”, I understand the meaning (which can be up to 100 words in English).

Now for the overall message of the song,

Stay the course, go out and get what you want, control that desire you have, you will find lessons in your losses, move forward.

Now with this in mind listen to the song again while reading the raw english translation, then see.