The Best Thought Catalog Articles for Generation Y

Shaaz Nasir

Best Thought Catalog Articles
A while back I noticed Thought Catalog (an online culture magazine) was gaining momentum with relatable articles about youth culture issues. I started sharing these articles with my friends and their reactions were always the same, shocked. Shocked on how accurate some articles were in describing their challenges. So Mindthis has chosen these seven Thought Catalog articles to be the best of what it has to offer in relationships, professional, and personal advice.

However, it’s important to understand that Thought Catalog articles provide thought provoking viewpoints but not actual advice. Most Thought Catalog articles tend to be more like incoherent and misinformed (yet very interesting) rants. Mindthis does not endorse all these Thought Catalog articles for every single young professional. We do strongly encourage you to read these decent Thought Catalog articles and provide us feedback on the comments section. Think we missed some classic Thought Catalog articles? Throw them our way for the next edition.

Best Thought Catalog Articles on Relationships

1. The Kinds of People You Really Need to Stop Dating“You need to stop handing out your heart like it’s free candy at the movies. It’s not.”

This article briefly go overs certain types of patterns to avoid when deciding who to date.

2. How to Break-up with a Friend“Continue on your life without them and consider them less and less as each day passes.”

We will all at some point have to end a friendship. Although I am fortunate not to have done this yet, this article lays the groundwork in how to do it the right way.

3. Kind of, Sort of, Dating Maybe?“Some are mostly in it for hookups; others spend a substantial amount of time together but never take it to the next level… those who literally perform the actions of a relationship: dinner, movies, hugs, kisses, sweet nothings, sex — but no label or commitment.”

Earlier on in life, people are prone to enter undefined relationships. This article comments on the trend rather than providing actionable advice.

Best Thought Catalog Articles on Professional and Personal Development

4. Growing Up is Weird“I’m old but I’m still so young; time is slipping away but I have all the time in the world; I’m waiting for my life to start, but here I am, running the show…”

A young professional grapples with the process of aging.

5. Embarrassing Social Blunders You Have Maybe Made

A comedic take on those socially awkward moments we somehow end up stumbling into. Generation Y is young and awkward.

6. Traveling the World Doesn’t Necessarily Make You a Better Person“You see, that moment wasn’t special because its existence was completely independent of anything related to who I was and it wasn’t going to do anything to change who I become…”

A story on how traveling with the wrong type of expectations may strip you of any benefit.

7. 20 People You Will Meet in Your 20s

A great list of eccentric (or just plain weird) people we will all meet in our 20s. I already can cross off about 60% of these people and in certain environments can admit that I hold some of their characteristics.