Want to take action on Internationals Women’s Day? Build Women Up Through Mentorship

Girlz FTW

Dear readers, 

Mindthis Magazine is proud to announce a content sharing partnership with Girlz,FTW— a global mentorship program connecting high school and college girls to inspiring women leaders from varying fields, industries, and walks of life. The success of our magazine has come down to the many women that power our mission with their dedication to redefine what success means to the 21st century young professional. We are forever grateful but understand that gratitude alone is useless. So expect actual action from us throughout the coming months, enjoy even more narratives shaped by women of all backgrounds marching together as we make sense of the world, starting with ourselves.

-Co Founders Will and Shaaz



Building Women Up Through Mentorship  

Last year we decided to go against the grain and do something tangible to support women and girls. It wasn’t going to be another year with a #girlpower status on social media, or another day expressing our feminism through “the future is female” swag and then going back to our daily lives.

On International Women’s Day we wanted to find a new meaning and method to channel the magic of women’s day every single day. Within the span of a week, we banded together our more inspiring friends, created a curriculum, leveraged the power of our network/social media and created Girlz,FTW– a global mentorship program connecting high school and college girls to inspiring women leaders from varying fields, industries, and walks of life.

How does this program work?

Once you get matched up with your mentor, you have ONE week to reach out to your mentor, and we encourage you to reach out as soon as possible to arrange a time to connect. Relationships in mentorships are important and we want to make sure that you have an established connection. This program is truly what you make of it and whatever you put into it, you’ll get out of it. There are no set standards or rules.This individualized approach ensures mentees are connected with someone whose skill set will best help them overcome the unique challenges that you face and can provide the support needed to kickass in whatever you they do to.

How will I get paired with my mentor?

We have an amazing cohort of mentors and we’re so excited to match you up to yours. Based on the responses from your application we’ll match you with your ideal mentor. This individualized approach ensures you’re connected with someone whose skill set will best help you overcome the unique challenges that you face and can provide you with the support you need to kickass in whatever you want to do.

What can I talk about during my sessions?

Anything! We mean it. We’re here to help you navigate difficult situations, walk you through how to build a resume, explore different career paths, and/or just be a listening ear. We’re all in the workforce, so we’ve gone through the awkward/ nerve-wracking transitions from high school to college and from college to work. We’re eager to share the tips and tricks we wish we knew then.

This International Women’s Day we turn 1 year old and 42 strong! We continually have to pinch ourselves as we realize our woke girlz hail from the United States, Bahamas, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, India, Malta Canada, Ireland, Kenya, Pakistan, Zambia (and the list goes on!)


Who’s in our girl-gang community?

  • A Facebook content strategist by day, and moonlighting fiction novelist by night illuminate the Asian-American experience
  • A National Geographic boss lady supporting a community of inspirational scientists, conservationists, educators and storytellers who are raising awareness around important topics and issues to drive positive change
  • Global nomad working in emergency disaster relief and helping figure out how to prepare for and respond to events that impact people, facilities, or operations because of her personal experience when Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana
  • An advertising maverick working at Buzzfeed paving the way with new partnerships to continue to change the conversation
  • Founding female leader of Sundara, an amazing organization that recycles hotel soap that provide women the opportunity of fair wages and livelihoods as they distribute the soap to their communities, while providing free hygiene education classes for vulnerable populations
  • One of the leading ladies of RefuGirl, a non-profit dedicated to young refugee and immigrant women resettled in the US
  • High school twin activists paving the way forward by lifting other girls up and hoping to be the next “oscar winning filmmakers”

There are just a few of our 42 strong! We’ve seen it this past year that providing girlz with a sense of community, confidence, and support can make the world of a difference. We know it takes a village and as we look at news headlines from around the world, we know there’s a lot more work ahead of us. So, with our heads up and a deep sense of urgency, we’re marching towards the future we want to this wild ride ahead of us.