Welcome to the new Lifestyle Section for Mindthis Magazine.

Alexandra Emanuelli


Imagine a magazine where you feel empowered to be you, the best version of yourself, to live a well-rounded life filled with friends, meaningful discussions, great food, and exciting travels.

Well, you can stop imagining.

It’s here.

We have a dedicated team of global lifestyle columnists ready to provide you with bespoke analysis and advice on how to unlock the best you.

How can we?  Our Lifestyle section starts where Huffington stops. We dig deeper than any Elite Daily would ever dare to, we refuse to chase the hits and drown you in ads. You not only deserve better, but you can now have it for free.

Our lifestyle section approach is simple, provide you with the quality of New York Times and the accessibility of Buzzfeed. It’s time for a new generation of lifestyle content that speaks to what it means to be a young professional in the 21st century.

We’re not saying it’s going to be easy

Defining the lifestyle section is almost as difficult as writing a lifestyle piece. A combination of serious, helpful content, but with an emphasis on fun. We craft pieces meant to help the young professional live their lives better, in all aspects, and so, truly what could be more important?  

We have a rotating roster of columnists because unlike other traditional media outlets, we believe that it is important for our columnists to be first and foremost young professionals, writing and ensuring that our readers get insight from their lives and experiences.  We carry this out by having designated columnists covering, in depth, one topic, and then continuing that conversation month after month. Ultimately, we choose writers who are passionate about their life, have knowledge or experience in the field they cover and can speak to it with a certain amount of authority. But we also look for writers who seek out the bigger story – whether they are covering feuding pop culture princesses or the National Republican Primaries, they ask how does this affect our readers, and what does this say about who we are in the world today?

After listening to our readers, we have restyled the lifestyle section to start bringing meatier, fuller content. Our first column has just rolled out, entitled: The Feminist, essays, and articles about what it means to be a woman in the 21st century and everything associated with it. Articles will be covering a range of topics from the media to politics, all with the feminist perspective. Coming next are four new columns with the intention of informing, engaging, and helping readers live better and more thoughtfully. The Eater, a column devoted to answering all your burning food science questions. The Traveler takes on questions of identity and culture of some of the world’s hottest travel destinations, getting at the real place vs. idealized and portrayed. The Thinker takes on the controversial, yet important issues that are not getting enough thought. This column goes deep, past the nonsense and the talking points, to history, the data and the facts, to answer something perhaps a little, unexpected. The Achiever breaks down some of the tools and ideas around success: what it means, how to achieve it, and how to define it for yourself. By the end of the year, we will have four more, so keep a look out for more updates.

Let’s get real

So what should you expect next? Of course, more of Mindthis Magazine’ signature informative and hard-hitting articles and thought pieces, but with more fun angles. Pop culture is one of the pillars of a young professional life and it’s time we embrace it, the right way. Relationships and dating are something that we all talk about amongst ourselves, but on which we see so little solid writing. Whether it’s the changing landscape of the romantic world or how to handle the new or ever present issues, we’re tackling those problems head on. Like, the answer to why a plant-based diet isn’t better for the environment, or your health. Why Michelangelo would have loved the American tourist. Will there be a comedian as the next President?  We also want your involvement, tell us what you want to be reading in the comments below the latest article for each section, and our best suggestions will inform the next articles.

I’m a writer myself. I’ve had a column with the Wall Street International, covered food for Vice, studied in Italy and cooked in Panamanian kitchens. While most of my writing is centered on food, whether it be the traditions of fighter pilots drinking bourbon or the way olives are harvested in Sicily, I write human stories, and I find those the most compelling to read.  

In turn, this is what guides my editorial style. Other than a focus on grammar, fact checking and neutrality, I ask that my columnists’ work to connect with their readers, and get real. The columnists’’ personal voice and experiences have value. I believe that this generation has wealth of experiences to share, which not only are insightful tools, but that we are more willing to share them than previous generations. What’s more is that we’re differentiating ourselves from the others by refusing to write top ten lists, or rely on funny GIFs to make shallow points, as much fun as both of those things are. What we see is a market void for fun but informative media driven by the Mindthis Magazine Young Professional. We want to help our readers have great relationships and understand how to travel in style, but without telling them that happiness is only 3 blowjob tips away. Because we know that your attention span is longer than a minute and a half, because we know that you expect facts with those assertions, you choose to read Mindthis magazine.

Why is this Important?

Because it is important that this generation owns its voice. That we tell our stories. In the contradiction of being a generation with serious debt and little job security, we are also more educated and interconnected. We have a platform that allows us to raise up our questions, celebrate our successes, nominate the game changers, and call out the bullshit.

If anything we believe that our generation is one that will be defined as not complacent, one that embraces feminism, moves out of its comfort zone, learns new things, listens to opinions that it doesn’t necessarily agree with, and works hard to understand others. These are all things you will find in the new Mindthis Lifestyle section.

Without being trite, we are all writers and storytellers. It’s how we make sense of the world and ourselves. That’s what guides a good culture and lifestyle article. It is a matter of whether we choose to exercise the craft and share our knowledge, or not.

I’m very excited to walk with you on our journey of self-discovery.