Where is Shaaz…where are the posts?!

Shaaz Nasir

I have been very busy.

But I ..

alright, it appears I have a meeting with Yijun Song, the Counsellor for the Embassy of Canada in 5  mins.

I will begin updating the blog asap

Yijun Song’s Summary

Dr. Song was the first Representative of the Government of Ontario in China to head Ontario International Marketing Centre in Shanghai. He also served as a Consul in the Canadian Consulate General in Shanghai. In addition, he founded the Ontario China Business Association (OCBA) in Shanghai and an active member of Canada China Business Council’s Shanghai Chapter.

Prior to his posting in Shanghai, he was an Area Director in the Government of Ontario responsible for the trade development between Ontario and the three Chinese economic areas: Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Before joining the government, he managed a trade-training program at Ryerson University in Toronto and provided business/education-consulting services to Canadian companies and education institutions.

He understands business practices in the East and is also in tune with the economic and trade development in Canada. Yijun is experienced with government procedures and knows the needs of the private sector. He has traveled extensively in both Canada and China and is in the position to serve the economic development and trade between Ontario and regions in China.

During his second year posting in Shanghai, at request of publisher, he wrote and published a book on communications between parents and teenagers, and he was interviewed on both Shanghai TV and CCTV. In his third year, he initiated and helped Shanghai Oriental TV Station completed a 10 episode TV program Driving across Canada, which was aired from Oct 1st – 10th 2004 and repeated in 2005.

Dr. Song graduated from Shandong Teachers’ University in 1978, received his BA from the University of Ottawa in 1983, and his master and doctoral degrees from the University of Toronto in 1987 and 1994 respectively.